Gateway Concepts Promotes and Trains for Customer Service

Gateway Concepts' leadership team discussed specific ways that customer service impacts operations. The company's Director shared how training helps incorporate a service-oriented mindset into the firm's culture.

“Any business team that plans on being around in the future needs to have goals,” stated Ali, Gateway Concepts’ Director of Operations. “Goals are what keep an organization moving forward, to accomplish more in the future than it has in the past. While most company leaders recognize the need to set objectives for such areas as sales and customer acquisition, I see a need to have goals for customer satisfaction as well.”

While some business leaders might not see how an intangible like satisfaction could impact the bottom line, Ali believes this is shortsighted. She points out that while a negative customer interaction might not have an immediate impact, it will affect the future. Not only will that consumer not use that product or service again, but he or she will likely tell friends and family (and anyone else who will listen) about the poor interaction. Looked at from this perspective, quality customer service and happy customers are investments in the future success of an organization.

"We take a two-pronged approach at Gateway Concepts to preparing our people to provide great service,"

Ali, Director of Operations

“Honestly, this isn’t rocket science,” Ali stated. “There are a few simple rules that we teach at Gateway Concepts that will probably impress 90 percent of any company’s customers. First, make yes the answer to every question possible. Sometimes you have to tell consumers no, but if yes is the default answer to everything then most customers will be happy.”

Also, the Gateway Concepts Director stressed the need to put effort into every interaction. Most customers want to do more than just hand over their money; they want to feel like they’ve invested themselves into a brand. It’s up to a business’ team members to encourage a sense of loyalty and pride by managing the customer experience from start to finish. “Transactions start long before money changes hands, and they go on as long after. Leaders need to think about the big picture to truly delight their customers,” Ali shared.

The Director of Gateway Concepts States That Happy Customers Are No Accidents

While there is much to be said for the impact of personality on customer service, Ali believes training is a much more important component. Extroverts might be more comfortable interacting with the public than introverts, for example, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll have a customer service mindset.

“We take a two-pronged approach at Gateway Concepts to preparing our people to provide great service,” Ali declared. “There is the traditional education, which includes workshops, seminars, and reading material designed to transfer knowledge about topics related to our business, including customer service skills. The second step is to pair our new team members with experienced marketers so they can see successful behaviors being modeled. It’s a great system, and our stellar customer service record proves it.”

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