Gabe Olives of Impact 21 Joins the Fuels Institute Board of Advisors

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Impact 21, a retail consulting, analytics, and services company, and the Fuels Institute, a non-profit, non-advocacy, research-oriented think tank, are pleased to announce the appointment of Gabe Olives, Impact 21's Chief Information Officer, to the Fuels Institute's Board of Advisors.  

The Board of Advisors identifies, coordinates, and directs the Fuels Institute projects, sets the research agenda, and reviews projects for objectivity before publication. 

"Impact 21 has spent the better part of our 24 years driving efficiencies in the fuel supply chain, from upstream to downstream retail fuels. We are pleased that Gabe is taking on this new role to support the Fuels Institute. Given his background in wholesale, fleet, distribution, and retail fuel technologies and automation, we know he will add a lot of value in planning for current and future energy initiatives," said Impact 21 CEO Lisa Biggs.

The Fuels Institute, founded by NACS in 2013, evaluates market issues related to vehicles and the fuels that power them, incorporating the perspective of diverse stakeholders to develop and publish peer-reviewed, comprehensive, fact-based research projects.  

"We are excited to have Gabe serve on the Board of Advisors," states John Eichberger, Fuels Institute's Executive Director. "With more than 30 years of experience in the fuel retailing industry and specific expertise in technology, he brings a perspective that is critical as we seek to understand how the transportation energy market may evolve over the next several decades."

Source: Impact 21

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