Futurism Expands Its Digital Transformation Services With New Smart Factory Packages

Services are based on Industry 4.0 principles to help manufacturers jump-start their journey and generate a quicker ROI

Futurism Technologies

​​​​Futurism Technologies, a leading provider of next-generation digital transformation solutions, announces the availability of packaged services intended to jump-start the digital transformation journey towards a Smart Factory.  Targeted at manufacturers that are looking to accelerate digital transformation in smaller affordable pieces, these packages are intended to provide a series of iterative digitization projects that generate ROI in a matter of months. 

The new Futurism Smart Factory services include:

"The possible scope of digital transformation can be overwhelming and carries a connotation that the projects are large, expensive and resource intensive. Futurism created this starter set of Smart Factory services to help companies begin their journey with affordable projects that yield a return on investment more quickly.

Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies

  • Smart Predictive Maintenance: A solution that replaces manual machine monitoring with IoT sensors that feed data to a big data system. Futurism data scientists create machine learning algorithms that enable the prediction of required maintenance, thus eliminating downtime and line stoppage. 
  • Smart Inventory: Data scientists and analysts use machine learning techniques to analyze data from IoT sensors that track real-time movements of work-in-progress and finished goods. Rate of consumption is predicted to optimize inventory on hand and automatically restock in real time.
  • Smart Asset Efficiency: A package that reveals asset performance issues requiring some kind of corrective optimization – teaching the machines to self-optimize. 
  • Smart Quality Control: A system that uses advanced imaging and sensor technology and real-time equipment monitoring to rapidly detect quality issues. Eliminating issues sooner in the manufacturing cycle yields better quality products with fewer defects and recalls.
  • Smart and Safe Shop Floor Worker: A smart factory includes people and processes. This package includes wearables for enhanced communications, Augmented and Virtual Reality features for training, and multiple safety features.

Futurism brings together all the skills to define and complete these projects with a deep understanding of the factory environment. We are proud of our leading-edge knowledge of IoT systems, data science and analytics, machine learning, and autonomous bots. We have been a trusted advisor on many smart factory projects.

Smart Factory is the latest in a large portfolio of digital transformation services from Futurism. Futurism embeds cyber security controls in all of its digital transformation projects.

About Futurism Technologies

Advances in digital information technology continue to offer companies opportunities to improve efficiency, increase revenue, better understand and engage customers, and even redefine their business. At Futurism, we partner with clients to improve their business through digital technology. Digital evolution or a digital revolution, Futurism is there to guide companies on their journey.

Whether it is taking a business to the cloud to improve efficiency and business continuity, building a next-generation ecommerce marketplace and mobile application for a retailer, helping to define and implement a new business model for a smart factory or providing end-to-end cyber security services, Futurism brings the global consulting and implementation expertise it takes to monetize the digital journey.

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