Fun Pans Make Baking Both Fun and Festive

These unique baking pans enable the user to produce any and all types of characters, prints, holiday themes and more.

Cooks, wouldn't you like to add pizzaz to your next dinner or party? Fun Pans is a line of specially designed baking and cooking pans in a vast array of decorative shapes, designs, and colors. Fabricated of a temperature controlled aluminum material, these pans are in a conveniently disposable variety, or in a reusable, easily washable form designed to accommodated repeated baking endeavors.

It is the designs, shapes, and colors of the Fun Pans that set this product line apart from common cookware in the marketkplace today. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest.

The Patent Pending Fun Pans was invented by Vivian Evans of Norwalk, CT, who said, "Whether shaped oval, square, rectangular, or circular, Fun Pans offer a veritable palate of colors, patterns, and motifs. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, animal prints, holiday themes, cartoon characters, sports logos, and superheroes, just to name a few that are in this line."

Additionally, the Fun Pans are offered in molded shapes such as stars, clovers, hearts, and states, allowing users to create loaves and cakes, for example, in the fun shape of the pan form. As can be imagined, the design possibilities for the Fun Pans are virtually limitless. Fun Pans readily enhance the preparation of a variety of foods and provide invaluable additions to any kitchen."

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