Fullerton IT & CyberSecurity Company Gets New Site Redesign From Digital Media Startup Sprinkles Media

DRPSEC Website

The cybersecurity company in Fullerton needed an overhaul of its body of content. After recognizing this, the company reached out to the Riverside-based digital media agency for a consultation. What resulted was a wildly successful transformation.

In the new custom website redesign, users see the updated content, all made using Webflow, allowing designers to craft professional websites without coding.

DRPSEC founders John Willenbring and Blake Melcher, veterans of IT and cybersecurity, sang the praises of the partnership with Sprinkles Media. 

"Sprinkles knows what they're doing," states Willenbring. "Very smart and insightful strategies to digital marketing. We're very impressed."

Likewise, Melcher says, "I'm always impressed with Sprinkles Media. There are only a handful of companies that continuously impress me time and time again. Sprinkles, you're at the top of the list! Thanks for everything you do."

How did Sprinkles Media overhaul DRPSEC's outdated web presence and, likewise, earn the praises of IT experts? The digital media agency brought DRPSEC out of a drab hole of marketing purgatory through quality branding and dedicated SEO initiatives.

Custom Website Building and Branding, Sprinkles Style

The first item on Sprinkles Media's agenda was completely retooling DRPSEC's entire site. By injecting some life into the outdated web design, Sprinkles Media completely revamped the look and feel

Additionally, Sprinkles Media continuously worked alongside DRPSEC to constantly improve and optimize content.

Best SEO Practices For Proven Results

Thanks to Sprinkles Media's dedication toward comprehensive SEO efforts, DRPSEC's new website underwent SEO updates to ensure the company remains relevant in its industry and the Internet at large. 

This was a significant change from the previous incarnation of the DRPSEC website, where web copy was generic. Sprinkles Media prioritized overhauling the messaging that helped DRPSEC break away from traditional, jargon-filled content common to the IT space. With a more welcoming tone, businesses searching for cybersecurity experts are welcomed into the fold with DRPSEC's new, friendly tone.

Using The Expertise of Sprinkles Media

Forged out of the fire of multiple marketing endeavors, Sprinkles Media founders Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart fully dedicate themselves to their clients. After consulting with Sprinkles Media for any digital marketing needs, the team engages in a holistic approach to every project. This digital media agency identifies the pain points of companies and develops a well-honed digital marketing strategy. 

With digital marketing gurus running Sprinkles Media, it's no surprise that a company like DRPSEC can benefit from a well-executed digital marketing strategy, and, likewise, companies from local dentists to clothing manufacturers are feeling the love. 

About Sprinkles Media

Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach, covering every aspect of digital marketing. 

For more information on Sprinkles Media, visit the official site.

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