Fulcrum Labs Opens New Headquarters in Salt Lake City

New location will accommodate rapid growth of Fulcrum's Award-Winning, AI-Powered Learning Platform

Fulcrum Labs

Fulcrum Labs, the industry leader in AI-powered adaptive learning technology and training outcomes, today announced the opening of its new corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

The company, which has become a rising star in the learning technology field since it was founded in 2014, will use this move to further its mission to: turn students (and employees) into learners and turn learners into confident subject matter masters, and continue its momentum with outcomes-driven success.

Fulcrum's move is part of a larger trend of technology expansion and "Silicon Slopes" development in the Salt Lake City/Provo area over the last decade. Amazon, Adobe, Goldman Sachs, Twitch and Facebook have already moved into the region, bringing with them a dramatic influx of cash and technical expertise. Additionally, the region is one of the top data science markets in the country, with powerhouses like the University of Utah and Brigham Young University in its backyard. Fulcrum is looking to tap into this data science and IT-rich workforce and culture to support its growth targets and continued development of its technology and data science roadmap.

"At our core, Fulcrum Labs is a data science company, and what made Salt Lake City such an appealing place for our new headquarters was the abundance of data science and IT talent in the region," said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. "This move will allow us to continue our rapid growth and innovation, and strengthen our ability to help our partners achieve - and exceed - their training goals."

Fulcrum Labs Adaptive 3.0 Learning technology leverages AI and predictive analytics to reduce training times and costs, and help organizations develop workforces equipped with the knowledge they need to perform their jobs at a high level. For its work, Fulcrum has won numerous industry awards and honors. In fact, this announcement comes on the heels of Fulcrum's recognition with the prestigious Excellence in Practice Award from the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the world's largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. Fulcrum was also recently honored with eight new awards for its technology and results from the Brandon Hall Group, the learning industry's preeminent research and analyst firm. This brings the company's total Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards recognitions to 19 in just the past three years.

"ATD's Excellence in Practice Awards program recognizes exemplary practices in workplace learning and talent development," said the ATD awards team. "Awards are presented for proven practices that meet a demonstrated need, have appropriate design values, are aligned with other talent strategies, and deliver sustained, clear, and measurable results for their organizations."

Fulcrum is excited to contribute and support the rise of Silicon Slopes and plans to be an active partner. Its new headquarters is located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was previously headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information about Fulcrum Labs, its Adaptive 3.0 learning technology or to inquire about job openings in the Salt Lake City/Provo area, visit www.fulcrumlabs.ai


About Fulcrum Labs

Fulcrum Labs is a cloud-based, SaaS business solution that is, first and foremost, outcomes driven. The company's proprietary, Adaptive 3.0 training platform leverages AI, Machine Learning and data-science-driven predictive analytics to: reduce training times and costs; verify employee confidence and skills mastery; identify those at risk of not applying the training; and evaluate the integrity of course content. Fulcrum's platform can also assess an organization's training gaps and the efficacy of existing L&D delivery systems. Fulcrum Labs has been awarded 19 consecutive Brandon Hall Excellence Awards over the past three years; it was the winner of EdTech Digest's 2018 Best Professional Skills Solution award; it won Gold in CLO Magazine's 2019 Learning in Practice Awards; and in 2019 it was awarded the Association for Talent Development's (ATD) prestigious Excellence in Practice Award. For more information on Fulcrum Labs, please visit fulcrumlabs.ai.

Source: Fulcrum Labs