Frontline BioEnergy Successfully Completes Extended Pilot Test Campaign

Engineers Running Process Controls for Pilot Test

Frontline BioEnergy has successfully concluded an extended test campaign of their breakthrough TarFreeGas® and BING® processes at their new pilot facility located in central Iowa. 

The extended test campaign began in August 2023 to demonstrate Frontline’s Biomass-Into-Natural-Gas (BING®) technology. The fully integrated pilot plant has a nominal capacity of 1,000 lbs per day, and the test was conducted using biomass from the San Joaquin Valley of California. 

“While achieving our goal – 30 days of operation – we made renewable natural gas meeting all pipeline quality specifications. We gathered excellent data to validate our process approach and inform our designs for the commercial-scale plant,” said Jerod Smeenk, Frontline’s CEO. “I can’t overstate what this success will mean for the renewable energy industry. Biomass is nature’s solution for simultaneous carbon capture, solar power, and energy storage. Frontline’s technology releases the potential of this energy transition trifecta.” 

More than one billion tons of biomass is generated annually in the U.S., and most of that goes unused. In places like California’s San Joaquin Valley, where disposal options are limited, waste biomass is either burned, spewing contaminants into the air and degrading the air quality, or just ground up and plowed underground, wasting a huge amount of potential energy. But through Frontline’s breakthrough TarFreeGas® and BING® processes, that biomass can be converted to enough energy to replace a substantial fraction of current U.S. natural gas usage.  

The 30-day test campaign marked a major funding milestone for Frontline’s San Joaquin Renewables project, which will convert orchard residuals and nut shells from farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley into pipeline-quality renewable natural gas. 

“Although we could have kept running, and we had a lot of fun, we’re now looking forward to scaling up,” said Dr. T.J. Paskach, the CTO of Frontline BioEnergy. “The next step is implementing the TarFreeGas® process at commercial scale to reduce emissions and improve air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.” 

Smeenk also shared his appreciation for the Frontline team at the conclusion of this milestone event. "None of this would have been possible without our amazing team and all their hard work. Thank you to everyone who has given their time and energy towards the success of our TarFreeGas® and BING® processes and the extended test campaign." 

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