From Runway to Reality; FHI Brands Introduces Hair Looks Everyone Should Have on Their Radar This Winter

FHI Brands Introduces Effortless Hairstyles to Match This Season's Fashion Trends

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With winter around the corner and following the biggest trends from Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris, FHI Brands, one of the most recognized styling product brands among hairstyling professionals, wants to share some hairstyle ideas to match the season’s trends.

With the help of fashion, stylist and social media influencer Lavenda Memory, from Lavenda’s Closet, and FHI Brands artist Vanessa Bautista, FHI Brands is introducing a series of hairstyling tips that perfectly match the fashion tendencies for this fall, helping to bring the latest hair trends from runway, to reality, with tips and looks from the experts, so you are runway-ready for all the events and daily activities of the season.

I'm using FHI styling tools to create looks that match my winter wardrobe. These amazing tools are definitely a must-have in my 'HAIRSTYLING' closet!

Lavenda Memory, Fashion Influencer, Lavenda's Closet

“I’m so excited about all the fashion trends for the cold season! This year’s fashion is all about power colors, Victorian necklines and over-sized, vintage-inspired coats. From monochromatic looks to sleek coats and statement boots, using pieces of clothing and accessories in red will help you bring color to your fall wardrobe and fire up your style,” recommends Lavenda.

But even though the saying goes "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it," a trendy outfit doesn’t shine as much if it is not completed with a great hairstyle to match it. “FHI Brands embody unique styles and high-performance styling tools that deliver salon results to help you achieve the runway look, in real life,” says hairstylist and FHI Brands artist Vanessa Bautista.

Vanessa recommends the following hairstyles that go with the season’s trend:  
“The fall-winter trends reflect bold colors, retro tendencies and unique styles to follow,” Vanessa says. “Update your hairstyle with a medley of hair textures, and switch up your look while staying on trend this season. FHI Brands is my go-to heat-protecting ally – their tools help me create virtually any style! The FHI Heat Platform 1” styling iron is perfect for smoothing out the extra frizz and texture near roots and helps me create that middle part that’s so on-trend.”

“A low ponytail tied with an over-sized ribbon can help emphasize this season’s apparel pieces,” adds Vanessa. “Using a styling iron for a sleek, classic look or a curling iron to add some texture and volume to your pony are great ways to add a personal touch. You can also go further and try a Whimsical Milkmaid Braids look to pair with your retro fashion wardrobe.”

Lavenda Memory couldn’t agree more and she is completing her fall look using Vanessa’s hairstyles tips. “I’m using FHI tools to create looks that match my winter wardrobe, and I’m inspired by the brand’s signature red featured on their tourmaline plates and barrels. These amazing styling tools are definitely a must-have in my “HAIRSTYLING” closet!” Lavenda adds.

For more winter hair trends and how-tos, visit FHIBrands-FromRunwayToReality.

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