Fresko Announces Launch of Vinotok, 3-In-1 Wine Opener + Decanter + Preserver for a Better Wine-Tasting Experience

Today, the team of innovative kitchen gadget designers at Fresko announced the Kickstarter launch of the Vinotok — an affordable 3-in-1 Wine Set that makes it easy to open, pour, and preserve wine. Now, anyone can enjoy a professional wine experience at home. This exciting new device from Vinotok is available now for pre-order:

Wine drinkers know that, when it comes to enjoying a good vintage, taste is everything and there is a reason why wine tends to taste better when served at a restaurant by a trained sommelier. It's because they use professional tools to decant, serve and preserve the delicate taste of wine. Now, with the Vinotok 3-in-1 wine set, anyone can properly serve and enjoy wine at home.

"Everyone loves to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but the problem with wine is that it goes stale very quickly, resulting in a bitter taste or simply being thrown away. Our goal with Vinotok was to improve the wine-drinking experience from start to finish. We began with a battery-powered cork remover to eliminate opening mishaps and broken corks, then added a decanter and aerator to instantly achieve a smoother taste for any bottle. Finally, we created a vacuum wine-stopper that maintains freshness. With Vinotok, anyone can pour, taste and enjoy wine like a pro," said Wang Yong, CEO, Fresko.

Vinotok improves the wine experience in three steps, first with effortless removal of the cork using a one-button electronic opener. Next, a battery-powered aerator properly adds oxygen to the wine reduce tannins and astringency to optimize flavors and aromas and make the wine taste smoother. Finally, a specially designed decanter properly pours the wine for perfect presentation. Designed especially for home use, the set features a vacuum wine-stopper that removes oxygen to slow down the oxidation process to maintain freshness and taste of opened wine for up to seven days so that no wine goes to waste and it can be enjoyed for days to come. Vinotok is compact, simple, and easy to use. It's the most convenient and affordable way to open, pour, and preserve wine.

Vinotok 3-In-1 Wine Opener + Decanter + Preserver is available now with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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