Announces New Reverse License Plate Lookup Tool

Common or extreme types of questions are perhaps inspired by the detective-level details now offered on the website. The site's new license plate lookup tool helps users find out who a vehicle is registered to and more.

When using, the information provided offers updated data from proprietary databases that may prove valuable in a number of ways. "For example, if users do a license plate owner lookup, this will allow people to find out who owns a car - a car could be stolen or you've noticed a vehicle in your neighborhood lately that you don't recognize and you're suspicious," company spokesperson James Nash said, explaining a few practical uses.

For example, if you do license plate owner lookup, this will allow people to find out who owns a car - a car could be stolen or you've noticed a vehicle in your neighborhood lately that you don't recognize and you're suspicious.

James Nash, Spokesperson

The types of detailed information available from were previously available only to law enforcement personnel. Today, a background check can take minutes rather than months. The license plate investigations may help injured parties with police reports and lawsuits even after the other driver has left the scene of a "hit and run." Traffic citations for inexperienced or uninsured drivers may be part of an even larger offense, after an investigation assisted by information from the website. now provides users with low-cost information from countless public records and government databases. The company also works to keep the information provided both valuable and affordable. "We offer a $2.95 trial period for seven days," Nash stated. "This makes us confident in providing our users with the most accurate information available. Most companies charge over $25 per report. We give our users unlimited searches during this trial and if they don't like it then they can cancel."

Users may conduct an unlimited number of background-related searches, and license plates are becoming increasingly helpful. License plates may provide additional information on the history of a vehicle - maybe even more so in the future. For example, in May 2018 and in this era of self-driving cars, Dubai is preparing to be the first city in the world to use "smart" digital license plates that also provide identification details and accident-related information to first responders. 

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