DIY Online Free Criminal Background Check Tools Announced by announced today the release of personal background check data through an improved suite of search tools. The DIY free background check service is offered at no cost to ensure public information is in the hands of those who need it most.

"You need to know who you're hiring, helping, or just meeting," said spokesperson James Nash. "When running a business or organization, or you need peace of mind about someone, you cannot afford to be left in the dark. We can give you access to the information you need quickly and affordably. At we are working daily to bring the latest public information to you. You will find an unparalleled aggregation of the data that could be the key to your security and place red flags where they are needed most." is a successful initiative pulling together public records from hundreds of nationwide sources. In a matter of minutes, users gain access to information needed by anyone and everyone seeking to be better informed and equipped with the knowledge that keeps people safe. It includes New Jersey criminal records and arrest records, even mugshots and warrant resources for Florida, and every state in between.

"We're constantly updating our public record resource links so that you can find the information you need about a person. Most of this information is readily available you just have to know where to look. We made our easy to use directory for this reason. The information we provide is directly from the databases of law enforcement agencies and courts across the United States. They say 'knowledge is power' and aims to empower our users today," said spokesperson James Nash.

Users can tap into a vast database of police reports and records from court cases, compiled by with convenience in mind. These are public records and data provided through the Freedom of Information Act, that would take time and man-hours to seek out. takes the searching down to a few clicks on the screen. What's best, these services are free and save the public money that normally private investigative firms would charge to deliver these same records already available to the public. 

"No one should be spending money to access crucial information that we can provide for free. wants to empower you, your business, or organization with facts that inform. Let us help you take control by visiting today," said spokesperson James Nash. 

Most Americans would be surprised to learn that neighbors, co-workers and prospective employees have a trail of public information such as online mugshots readily available about them. These records can often tell the story they won't readily divulge. That's why is making this service available for free. When it comes to safety and security, time is of the essence. 

For more information and to get informed today for free, visit, call (765) 667-8065, visit or email



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