Free Tax Assistance Available Online Through the Benefit Bank® of North Carolina

The tax-filing deadline is around the corner and hard-working families across the state are spending hundreds of dollars on tax preparation when they don’t have to! The good news is through The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina (TBB™-NC), many taxpayers can file their federal and state income tax returns online, all for free. Taxpayers can access the easy-to-use services online at The system is designed to maximize taxpayers’ refunds and help them claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) if they are eligible. More than $400 million in federal tax credits go unclaimed every year in North Carolina. You can even file up to three years of back taxes. Users of the website will even be able to arrange for direct deposit of refunds into their bank accounts. These services help families breathe a sigh of relief during what is often a stressful time of year.

“Tax preparation fees can take a big chunk out of your refund. Keep more of your hard-earned dollars by using a free tax-filing service available through You qualify if your household income is less than $95,000 for married couples filing jointly or less than $65,000 for individuals filing single. There are no fees or charges! This program is a public service of MDC—a North Carolina nonprofit organization.” — Ralph Gildehaus, Senior Program Director, MDC

Tax preparation fees can take a big chunk out of your refund. Keep more of your hard-earned dollars by using a free tax-filing service available through

Ralph Gildehaus

Senior Program Director, MDC

Other benefits of using TBB-NC include options to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and register to vote. People can also screen for potential eligibility for work support programs, nutrition and health assistance, and complete certain veterans education benefits forms.

MDC, a nonprofit organization based in Durham, North Carolina, sponsors TBB-NC. For more information, please visit You may find additional resources about free tax assistance services by calling 2-1-1.

MDC Contact
Ralph Gildehaus
Senior Program Director, MDC 

Media Contact
Veronica Kupsa
Senior Creative Copywriter, DitraCreative Media

Source: The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina


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