Fraudlogix First to Integrate ads.txt Reporting Within Verification Suite

Clients get new reporting on ads.txt files, showing seller match and publisher implementation


​Fraudlogix, an ad verification company that specializes in solutions for the supply side of the real-time bidding (RTB) programmatic markets, is adding an ads.txt reporting feature to its suite of verification solutions. While Fraudlogix will continue to monitor ad inventory for domain spoofing — in addition to ad fraud, brand safety and viewability — the new feature will return results on whether the seller is part of the publisher’s ads.txt file or if the publisher has not implemented ads.txt.

Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) was devised by the IAB Tech Lab and is meant to increase transparency and cut down on counterfeit inventory in the programmatic advertising ecosystem by providing a method for publishers and distributors to publicly declare the companies that are authorized to sell their digital inventory.

Fraudlogix’s new ads.txt reporting will give supply-side companies (e.g., exchanges and SSPs) insight into whether their publishing partners are using ads.txt and if their ads.txt declaration is correct – there have been several reports of errors due to the manual entry of sellers into the ads.txt files.  From the buy side, clients will be able to monitor whether the seller of inventory is declared in a publisher’s ads.txt file.

Fraudlogix added the reporting to its dashboard to make the information readily available for its RTB verification clients.  

“Our supply-side clients are actively monitoring ads.txt files from their publishing partners, and some clients may have thousands of partners - this is a feature that helps them do that,” said Fraudlogix CEO, Hagai Shechter. “Overall, we want our solution to be a one-stop shop for verification, and since the industry has implemented ads.txt we thought it was pertinent to add it to our dashboard on top of the ad fraud, brand safety, domain spoofing and viewability reporting we do.”

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