Frank v. Monte Rewarded by Opportunity to Compensate Victims of 2010 BP Oil Spill

The work of Frank V. Monte was instrumental to the recovery of millions in damages following B.P.'s 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Frank V. Monte continues to look back on the time following that fateful Spring of 2010, remembering just how challenging it was to take on one of the largest oil conglomerates in the world not long after one of the biggest man-made environmental disasters in recorded history.

"BP made it so difficult to even get your foot in the door," says Monte. "Many would give up because it was almost impossible to keep up with the demands from BP."

Frank V. Monte is speaking, of course, of British Petroleum, the firm generally considered responsible for the infamous 2010 Oil Spill that emitted over five million gallons of oil throughout the Gulf of Mexico. The spill, which emanated from the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, led to the deaths of 11 of those working on the rig, and had a significant impact on people, businesses, and industries throughout the Gulf region.

"The economic trickle-down effect was unbelievable," says Monte, who obtained a considerable breadth of data of the spill's economic impact throughout the region. "Tourism came to a screeching halt that summer…hotels on the beach cut virtually all commodities, and farmers and everyone associated with tourism didn't have a clue they could be reimbursed for their losses."

In the months following the spill, Frank V. Monte was hired to "locate victims up and down the coast of Florida" in order to not only educate them on the details of the BP settlement, but to effectively demonstrate why those victims qualified as potential claimants.

"With my marketing model, I was able to recover over 50 million in damages for over 400 clients," says Monte. "Those clients ranged from small mom-and-pop marinas to citrus farmers."

Thanks to the efforts of Monte, and those who shared his passion for delivering some form of justice to those negatively impacted by the spill, many people and businesses across the Gulf Coast received compensation they may not have otherwise. Though the process wasn't easy (particularly trying, in fact), the time and resources devoted to the cause was, according to Monte, well worth it.

To Frank V. Monte, the process of recovery, something that required countless years, man hours and tireless resolve, was well worth the effort. Monte is grateful for the opportunity to make such a big difference in so many people's lives.

"I never gave up believing (in) what was right, and though it took all of four years, and I almost lost everything to my name, I'd do it all over again. My voice, my hard work and dedication put a 50-million-dollar dent in an oil giant's pocket book, and in a way made them change the way they explore for oil in the future."

About: Frank V. Monte helped to create the website, which provides information and data on the 2010 spill and subsequent economic and environmental impact on the Gulf Region.


Source: Frank Monte


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