FotoIN Mobile Corporation Announces Issuance of US Patent for Mobile Media and Data Capture and Management System

Patent Covers Mobile Media and Information Capture and Management Methods and Systems

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FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN), an enterprise technology company focused on developing technology for visual documentation and reporting in field heavy industries, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent covering Mobile Image and Data Capture and Management systems and methods.

The patent is for, among other things, systems and methods for using smart mobile devices to easily and automatically capture contextual data with work photos and leverage that data for automated filing and other workflows, as well as easier and faster management of business workflows and processes in and around field photo documentation. The law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, assisted FotoIN with securing the patent, with Daniel Sineway, Partner in the Technology/IP Group leading the process.

“This patent relates to our technology that allows field users a very easy way of capturing contextual information together with work photos, in a way that saves them 75% of the time, increases productivity and ensures compliance,” said Sly Barisic, Founder and CEO, FotoIN Mobile Corporation. “Patent issuance marks a very significant milestone for FotoIN and additional validation of FotoIN’s innovative technology and leadership in Enterprise photo documentation,” he said.

Demand for easier photo documentation technology is growing rapidly as more business users seek the ease and convenience of mobile and cloud technology. At the same time, operations and executive teams are looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency through innovation to lower costs and grow customer satisfaction. Mr. Barisic concluded: "Proprietary and legally protected intellectual property will give FotoIN’s customers the assurances they are looking for in buying new technology and provide FotoIN’s products with long-term market exclusivity.”

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FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN), the leading provider of business photo documentation solutions, provides customers with an end-to-end, best-in-class field photo documentation and reporting technology that is easy, actionable and open. Field users just snap and tag photos and reports, and FotoIN takes care of the rest, including automated filing to customers’ existing storage directly from the field and integration with the CRM solution. FotoIN delivers significant cost savings through reduced dispute resolution costs, and increased productivity and efficiency across the organization in field heavy industries including Restoration, Construction, Engineering and Property Management. Used by AECOM Tishman, ATI Restoration and Regency Centers. FotoIN has been recognized for its innovative solution by the Technology Association of Georgia. The mobile app is available for download in Apple's App Store and on Google Play.

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FotoIN's patented field photo documentation and reporting system is easy, actionable and open. It enables users in building industries to save 75% of the time on capturing, filing and managing photos, field media and field reports through automation.

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