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Everyone can now save up to 75 percent of their time on site photos and videos with the FotoIN patented photo documentation system - users start for free and pick their features.

Automated photo documentation to AEC

FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN) today announced the launch of a new pricing option. Users can now start with a FREE Professional package and choose which features and configuration they want. FotoIN's patented, best-in-class, automated photo documentation technology is now more accessible and easier to configure and deploy, even for smaller teams and individual users.

Sly Barisic, CEO and co-founder of FotoIN, commented, "We're very proud and thrilled to finally be able to offer FotoIN's patented technology to everyone and not just the most advanced field users and most complex photo use cases in AEC. Today, more and more individual users and small teams also need enterprise-level tools to speed up their daily work and get documentation done in real time. Their work requirements demand both simplicity in the field and strong integrations and cross-system automation in the office. They also expect to pay one low price for only the features they need and use." 

FotoIN's full Professional package now starts as FREE and users can choose which features they want to have and how much of their photo and video documenting workflow they want to automate. 

About FotoIN Mobile Corporation

FotoIN Mobile Corporation (FotoIN) is a best-in-breed technology company with patented end-to-end field photo documentation and reporting technology that is easy, actionable and open. Field users just snap and tag photos and reports and FotoIN takes care of the rest, including automated filing to customers' existing storage, project management and other systems, directly from the field and with all the actionable data. FotoIN saves customers and users 75% of their time and delivers significant cost savings through reduced dispute resolution costs and increased productivity and efficiency across the organization in field-heavy industries including restoration, construction, engineering and property management. Used by AECOM Tishman, ATI Restoration and JE Dunn among others, FotoIN has been recognized for its innovative solution by the Technology Association of Georgia. The mobile app is available for download in Apple's App Store and on Google Play.

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About FotoIN Mobile Corporation

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FotoIN's patented field photo documentation and reporting system is easy, actionable and open. It enables users in building industries to save 75% of the time on capturing, filing and managing photos, field media and field reports through automation.

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