Former Military Leaders Meet With Risk Executives to Address the Growing Insider Threat Epidemic

ClearForce, Inc., the leading provider of workforce assurance and continual risk monitoring solutions, hosted over forty risk management executives representing industry leaders in financial services and insurance for a roundtable discussion led by three distinguished former U.S. generals on Tuesday, November 6th in New York City.

The ClearForce symposium featured:

·         General Michael Hayden, USAF (retired), served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2006-2009), the National Security Agency (1999-2005) and the first Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence;

·         General James L. Jones, USMC (retired), served as US National Security Advisor to President Obama, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (2003-2006) and 32nd Commandant of Marine Corps;

·         Major General Robert Wheeler, USAF, (retired), served as Deputy Department of Defense Chief Information Officer for the Pentagon and as Deputy Operations Director, U.S. Strategic Command.

Insider threat topics included:

·         Need for constant action, improvement, and investment to prevent insider threats

·         Leading indicators of individuals who evolve into an insider threat

·         Significance of protecting US intellectual assets

·         Need for continuous employee monitoring within US corporations  

·         The profound impact of 5G networks on cyber and national security

·         Nation-state strategies within the cyberspace.

“This was a unique opportunity to meet with and gain insight from three distinguished American generals,” said Tom Miller, CEO of ClearForce. “Learning from the experience of these military leaders is extremely valuable for our commercial clients and underscores the need to vigilantly protect their employees, shareholders and customers. ClearForce continues to improve our workforce assurance solutions and share our analytic research and results in order to improve safety.”

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Source: ClearForce Inc.


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