ClearForce™ Expands Criminal Retro-Assessment Service

Limited Complimentary Offer Now Available for Fourth Quarter Research

ClearForce, Inc., the leading provider of workforce assurance and continual risk monitoring solutions, announced today it would expand a key analytic service offering to five new enterprise operations during the 4th quarter of 2018.

The ClearForce Retro-Assessment Service enables leading enterprise operations to “look back” at specific criminal activity that occurred within its workforce or membership over the prior one-year period. ClearForce’s Retro-Assessment Report includes valuable details by job role on criminal activity. This Retro-Assessment Service enables enterprises to understand the level of criminal misconduct within their workforce or membership, positioning them to plan and define a policy for future risk and exposure appropriately.

“There’s a clear gap between the initial background check and an organization’s understanding of employee insider risk and the extent of criminal activity that happens all too frequently outside the workplace and without their knowledge,” said Tom Miller, CEO of ClearForce, “our goal is to help clients measure and understand the significance of this gap by quantifying specific criminal activity within their own workforce.”

Recent analytic research undertaken by ClearForce with large enterprise clients has demonstrated a substantial level of unrealized arrest activity among employees, contractors, and members. Detailed research on metrics and case study results is available from ClearForce upon request. While identifying convictions prior to hiring is important, the immediate real-time notification of criminal arrest activity post-hire provides a critical indicator that enables organizations to make appropriate and legally compliant decisions on how to best manage employee and member risk, far surpassing calendar-based screening.

ClearForce will be waiving its Retro-Assessment Service fee for the initial five clients who register for this analytic service offering between October 15, 2018, and December 15, 2018.

To register or for more information, please contact Dan Cone at 888-870-5773 or

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