Form Bio Selected by Google Cloud to Help Organizations Adopt New AI-Powered Life Sciences Solutions

Google Cloud's Multiomics Suite Delivers Powerful AI and Bioinformatics Tools for Biotech Companies, Pharmaceutical Firms, and Public Sector Organizations

Form Bio, the breakthrough computational life sciences platform, announced today that it has been selected to help organizations adopt Google Cloud's Multiomics Suite, accelerating the research of life science companies and academic institutions. In addition, Form Bio has been designated by Google as a Google Cloud Premier partner.

Multiomics provides an integrated perspective to power discovery across life sciences research domains. Organizations will have an option to incorporate Form Bio's innovative platform when adopting Google Cloud's Multiomics Suite, to empower the next wave of innovative life science research. The collaboration with Google Cloud will combine ease of use with comprehensive analysis of genetic and proteomic data, expediting biopharmaceutical research. 

Google Cloud's Multiomics Suite accelerates the discovery, integration, and interpretation of data, allowing for increased research efficiency. When combined with the Form Bio platform customers can have even greater robust data management, streamlined workflows, and optimized collaboration approaches. Form Bio's groundbreaking software: 

  • Enables discovery, sharing and interpretation of genomic data 
  • Allows AI models to be built at scale with the rigorous traceability and reproducibility required for advanced research.
  • Offers a streamlined environment for intuitive analysis.

This new collaboration is a natural fit for Form Bio, with its founding mission to help scientists drive their next breakthroughs. 

"Surging interest in bioinformatics and AI is inspiring a wave of life science companies to turn to cloud-based computing," said Mark Swendsen, Chief Revenue Officer for Form Bio. "Form Bio has a team of industry experts and is built on Google Cloud's advanced high performance computing, data analytics, and AI technology, putting us ahead of the curve." 

"With Google Cloud's powerful platform, Form Bio is positioned to increase life sciences research data accessibility, ease of use, and interpretability. Through this alliance with Google Cloud, we will be able to drive automation and optimization for the industry, empower life sciences researchers to accelerate their breakthroughs and broaden our scope and reach for the science and academic communities," added Swendsen.

Premier partner status in the Google Cloud Partner program is designed to provide Google Cloud clients with qualified partners, like Form Bio, that demonstrate technical proficiency and proven success in specialized service areas. To learn more about Form Bio's platform and solutions, visit

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Form Bio is a life sciences focused software company dedicated to empowering scientific discovery and enabling a new era of insights and breakthroughs. With an award-winning, easy-to-use research and discovery platform as well as powerful AI solutions for specific biopharma challenges, Form Bio accelerates therapeutic research, design and development. In addition to providing innovative technology, Form Bio works collaboratively with customers to advance their most ambitious scientific objectives, offering unmatched, cross-disciplinary expertise spanning software engineering, biology, bioinformatics and data science. For more information on Form Bio, visit

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