Form Bio Announces Executive Webinar Featuring BCG, ElevateBio, and NVIDIA

Data Science Meets Life Science: AI Challenges & Opportunities in Biopharma, Synthetic Biology and Beyond

Form Biothe breakthrough computational life sciences platform, is hosting an executive webinar on exploring AI challenges and opportunities in biopharma, synthetic biology, and more. 

WHEN: Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 10 a.m. PST

WHERE: Register and attend online for the Data Science Meets Life Science Webinar

WHAT: The webinar will be filled with insights for leaders and practitioners across life sciences, specifically touching on:

  • Top challenges, opportunities, and investment areas for data science and AI within life sciences.
  • Framework-level thinking for introducing and implementing AI and advanced data science in scientific research and development.
  • Early lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid when building AI strategy for life sciences companies and institutions.

WHO: Moderated by Form Bio's Chief Strategy Officer, Claire Aldridge, PhD, the event will feature three industry leaders who have firsthand experience with the impact of AI.

  1. BCG - Arun Ravindran, PhD, Chief Data Scientist
  2. ElevateBio - Amit Mathur, Chief Information Officer
  3. NVIDIA - George Vacek, PhD, Global Head of Genomics Alliances

About Form Bio

Form Bio is a life sciences focused software company dedicated to empowering scientific discovery and enabling a new era of insights and breakthroughs. With an award-winning, easy-to-use research and discovery platform as well as powerful AI solutions for specific biopharma challenges, Form Bio accelerates therapeutic research, design and development. In addition to providing innovative technology, Form Bio works collaboratively with customers to advance their most ambitious scientific objectives, offering unmatched, cross-disciplinary expertise spanning software engineering, biology, bioinformatics and data science. For more information on Form Bio, visit

Source: Form Bio