ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing is Now Offering Signed Retainer Motor Vehicle Leads

Exclusive Auto, Motorcycle and Commercial Truck Accident Leads

Exclusive Signed Retainer MVA Leads

ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing is now offering signed motor vehicle leads including auto, motorcycle and commercial vehicle accidents.

These leads are fully vetted to our client law firm’s standards, qualified and signed on the dotted line. Our client only pays for the leads that have signed their retainer/HIPPA. We consistently produce the highest-quality motor vehicle leads for attorneys nationwide. We have over 10 years experience delivering high-quality auto accident cases by using proven techniques to obtain more filed cases.

All of our Motor Vehicle Accident Leads meet the following qualified criteria or else firms can request a credit for that lead:

  • An injury occurred.
  • Is it not the fault of the prospect.
  • An attorney has not been retained already.
  • The accident occurred within the firm's stipulated time frame.
  • In addition to these criteria, we now DOUBLE-VERIFY that the lead is in the right category. A further series of questions are designed to make sure the lead isn’t actually a Personal Injury: ex. Workers’ Compensation or Malpractice case.

Once a lead selects the category for Auto Accident Injuries, we pose a series of follow-up questions:

  • Statute of Limitations: We now collect information on when the accident took place to help filter out unreasonable requests that are beyond any statute of limitations and to help our Verification Team approve returns more quickly.
  • Fault: In response to the query “Were you at fault?” we now include options for “No, another human being was at fault,” “Yes, I was cited or caused the accident” or “The accident involved a tree, animal, or act of nature.”
  • Medical Treatment: We will determine whether they have been treated by a doctor or hospital for injuries related to the accident.
  • Firm's Specific Requirements: Our trained staff will follow the firm's specific guidelines and criteria to determine if the lead is qualified.
  • If qualified, the lead is provided with the retainer to sign electronically.

Why pay for wrong info form fills when a firm can have signed cases ready to go and waiting for them to just settle the case?

How many terrible contacts do firms need to hunt down and chase before one actually becomes a real client?

No more wasted time and costs with our highest value to the law firm. Low risk to the law firm - if a plaintiff does not sign, they don’t pay for it.

No longer chase wrong numbers or “not interested” leads. Pursue cases where firms will bring back the highest ROI on the time spent, where almost all is done for them. We’ve been producing high-dollar cases and return on marketing investment to our partners for years.

Experience Our Expertise in MVA Case Generation and Intake Process

Over 10 years delivering high-quality auto, motorcycle and commercial truck cases by using proven techniques to obtain more filed cases and high-dollar settlements.

Using our multi-channel lead generation programs using Google search, solo-email, web banners, social media, online surveys and offline advertising such as radio and TV, we gather potential plaintiffs who are thoroughly vetted with a law firm’s criteria.

Why use us

  • Leads at a fixed price
  • Very low start-up costs
  • Cut costs and expenses
  • All cases are fully vetted to the law firm’s standards
  • Vetted and qualified plaintiffs ready to go and signed on the dotted line

More About ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing Inc.

Founded in 1994, BusinessCreator Inc. has helped many businesses with local search marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing. The company's mission statement is "We make local businesses grow. Ask us how." ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing Inc. was created as a result of working with several bar associations as their preferred vendor for online marketing and web design services. ForLawFirmsOnly continues in the same tradition as BusinessCreator, putting client needs and success first.


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