For Water Utilities, Westfall's High Performance Flow Straightener Generates Improved Billing Accuracy and Reassures Customers

When municipal waterwork's customers need reassurance that they receive all the water they pay for, Westfall's Flow Straightener Model 3000 creates a reliable and consistent flow reading that produces accurate flow measurement and billing for customers.

Flow Straightener Model 3000

In parts of the world where water is rationed, savvy customers want to know they're getting every drop they pay for. If the water utility can't prove their billing is accurate, they may face volatile public meetings like a customer in the southwestern US did. 

The problem was real: if water flowing into the meters was disturbed by swirl or turbulence from pipe bends or uneven pressure, meter readings could be inaccurate. Customers wanted reassurance from their utility company.

According to Bob Glanville, CEO of Westfall Manufacturing Company, "This Flow Straightener is an easy infrastructure upgrade for water utilities to install, and a smart one to improve their billing accuracy and customer satisfaction."

Bob Glanville, CEO

The utility took two steps to resolve the problem.

First, they brought Westfall's CEO, Bob Glanville, to their next planning meeting. By showing graphic illustrations of test results from Alden Laboratories, he proved that the installation of a Flow Straightener would provide the flow meter measurement accuracy these customers sought.

Second, the utility installed Westfall's Flow Straightener Model 3000. As a result, water flowing into their metering device was free of swirl and turbulence, and had a fully developed velocity profile well before it reached the flow meter.

The water utility now installs Flow Straightener Model 3000 at metering points throughout its distribution network. Customers were reassured that the water for which they were billed actually matched the water they received.

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Source: Westfall Manufacturing Company