"Food Scrap Net": A Disposable Bag-Like Net for Both Home and Commercial Use

The "Food Scrap Net" will protect garbage cans from leaks and drains from clogging.

​Unless one is fortunate enough to have daily pick up of garbage containers, the Food Scrap Net will aid in keeping smells, mess, grease and probably even rats, raccoons, possums and who knows what other creatures away.  The new Food Scrap Net is a disposable bag-like net for both home and commercial use which, when placed over a pot or pan filled with liquids and food scraps enables one to pour the contents through the net, into the sink, easily separating liquids from solids.  The liquids go down the drain without clogging it and the solid waste can be disposed without filling the trash can with liquids, thus making the disposal of scraps both hassle-free and easy.

The Food Scrap Net is fabricated of a tough and durable lightweight plastic mesh or net, the top of which is fashioned in an elasticized ring equipped with a plastic handle on either side. The user pulls the top of the device over the top of the pot or pan to be emptied and then inverts the pot so the contents flow into and through the net. The liquid will flow through the net while the food scraps collect inside and can then be tossed liquid free into the garbage cans. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Food Scrap Net.
The Patent Pending Food Scrap Net was invented by Jose Mendoza of New York, NY who said, “This is perfect for those in the food service industry and it works equally well for the home cook (or chef). It eliminates the problem of food scraps clogging sink drains and makes garbage disposal a simple, quick and clean matter. It’s a solution for kitchen worker’s dilemma of trying to figure out a way to dispose of scraps without allowing it into the drains. It is a simple, yet perfect way to contain the scraps and drain the fluids when done cooking.”

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