Fly Carve Announces Launch of World's First Digital Soldering Iron With Fume Extractor

Fly Carve is well known for innovating industrial-grade technologies into smart, user-friendly soldering solutions, and just announced the launch its Fly Carve F1 — World's First Digital Soldering Iron With Fume Extractor. Combining a high-precision digital soldering iron, a powerful fume extractor with 1.8 CMM(m³/min) of suction power, and an all-metal circuit board holder, this all-in-one soldering kit provides consistent high-quality soldering while maintaining a healthier fume-free soldering environment. This powerful new tool is available now on Kickstarter:

Fly Carve F1 is a two-in-one smokeless smart soldering station that utilizes a ceramic heating core and high conductive temperature transmission technique that speeds up the soldering process, giving it a fast warm-up speed, heating from 0° to 400℃ in only six seconds. With a specialized fume extractor design and 1.8 CMM(m³/min) suction volume, Fly Carve F1 significantly reduces harmful gases emitted during soldering to protect the lungs and overall health. This smart soldering iron is equipped with an advanced microcomputer chip to accurately control temperature, reliably maintaining a temperature variance of just ± 37°F to protect solder heads and other components. 

"Electronics have changed a great deal over the last few decades but, interestingly, the tools to build and maintain them have remained largely unchanged. Our goal with the Fly Carve F1 digital soldering iron was to modernize this essential tool to give users the most powerful features and the utmost safety. To do so, we built our tool with high-quality components then equipped it with an advanced microcomputer chip and pre-set shortcuts to provide perfect temperature control and a more convenient, reliable workflow. Most importantly, we added a specialized fume extraction system to capture, filter, and remove harmful smoke and fumes. Combined, these features make Fly Carve F1 the perfect solution for soldering. Now, makers, hobbyists, and professionals alike can work quickly, confidently and safely," said Shimiao Pei, Fly Carve Founder. 

Fly Carve F1 keeps the air safer with fume absorption units in a replaceable three-layer filter to scrub dirty air and reintroduce clean air back into the working environment after HEPA and chemical filtration. A 360-degree rotating extraction tube is highly flexible, allowing the operator to easily collect harmful exhaust fumes for a safer work environment. It also features an electric circuit board clamp for better efficiency. The electric two-way clamp helps stabilize PCB boards of various sizes when soldering or debinding for a more convenient workflow.

The Fly Carve F1 Digital Soldering Iron With Fume Extractor makes it easier and safer than ever to perform soldering for electronics repair, home DIY, arts, crafts, and more. With advanced features and effective fume and smoke extraction, users can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable working environment with this next-gen soldering iron. Fly Carve F1 is available now for pre-sale with special pricing and incentives to reward early adopters. Learn more here:

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