Flipsnack, the First Publishing Platform to Enable Accessibility; Now People With Eyesight Disabilities Can Enjoy Digital Publications

Flipsnack Accessibility

With over 285 million people worldwide affected by some form of visual impairment, screen readers have become an essential part of the way they interact with online content. Flipsnack, one of the most popular publishing platforms for creating interactive catalogs, magazines, ebooks and more, is now aiming to provide the means for any publisher to better engage with his diverse audience. 

By implementing Accessibility for catalogs, Flipsnack now makes the transformation of written words into an audio experience possible. Flipsnack's main goal was to offer a free solution for any publisher to convert his page flip catalog into an audible experience.

Accessibility is a solution for giving any publication a voice. By making content audio reachable, the necessity of visual engagement now becomes only optional. Enabling this feature means that anybody, regardless of their physical aptitude, can now have access to understand the work of any published material on Flipsnack. 

Making a flipbook's content visually accessible for everyone does not require any technical expertise.

When enabling Accessibility, publishers simply need to select the pages they want to be read out loud, set a Title and a Description, and press Save. This information will then be read by a screen reader installed on the user's computer. It also makes it possible for readers to adjust the font size for comfortable reading.  

Creating accessible publications is important because it's a great equalizer. All publishers should take into consideration the needs of their audience, including visual impairments. It's incredibly difficult to do that with a static PDF file. 

With Flipsnack, you now have a new way to present a publication in a page-flip format, paired with an accessible version which allows you to manipulate the font size and add alternative texts to describe the page content to visitors who are unable to see them. 

About Flipsnack 

Flipsnack is a brand founded and launched in 2011 by a handful of 11 talented people. Nowadays, Flipsnack has over 60 employees and has become one of the most popular software platforms for creating and publishing digital magazines and catalogs.

Anyone can create a magazine, brochure, catalog, or digital e-book, as long as they are connected to the internet and have a Flipsnack account.

Read more about Accessibility: https://www.flipsnack.com/accessibility  

Contact details: adrian.domocos@flipsnack.com 

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