Flipsnack Celebrates Its 10th-Year Anniversary

April 21, 2021, marks Flipsnack's 10th-year anniversary. Flipsnack's history begins in 2011, when it was released as part of the Snacktools family, and is fully owned by Gabriel Ciordaș, who is the CEO and founder of multiple SaaS projects.

Flipsnack is an online platform that allows people to create flip catalogs, magazines, and brochures by uploading readily-made PDFs or by designing them directly in Flipsnack. Generally used by businesses for marketing purposes, internal communication, or for publishing promotional content, Flipsnack also has many schools and students among its clients, but also regular people who use it for creating photo albums or digital portfolios.

In the beginning, Flipsnack had only 11 employees, but the company grew little by little to what it is today. "We're proud to celebrate a decade of Flipsnack. This is an important milestone. Our journey started exactly 10 years ago, on April 21, 2011, with a short employee list and big dreams. These 10 years we've proven that the work we do here is valuable for organizations from all over the world, which rely on Flipsnack for publishing secure internal documents as well as public promotional content. We're stronger than ever today!" said Adrian Moza, the COO of Flipsnack.

With over 70 employees and more than 6 million users in the world, Flipsnack has even more reasons to celebrate. As part of the 10th-year anniversary, they are releasing a new, more advanced flipbook player, Enhanced, that has a new look and functionality, with the technology developed in-house by Flipsnack's development team. This update follows last month's reveal of their improved website that comes with a fresh look and a polished brand identity.

During the last 10 years, Flipsnack has undergone many changes - in the early days, it was only a tool that turned PDF files into interactive digital magazines. But starting from 2013, the tool has been steadily transforming. In 2014, the first version of a magazine design application was launched, as an integrated part of Flipsnack and users were finally able to create their magazines directly in Flipsnack. Then, in 2016, all magazines switched from Flash technology to HTML5, a superior technical solution in terms of security. Starting with 2017, Flipsnack greatly improved the overall design of the tool and that is when they saw an increase in the number of users (1 million in 2017, 2 million in 2019, 5 million in 2020, and over 6 million in 2021). 

Flipsnack has also helped companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing them to better organize their work and documents while working remotely, using Flipsnack's workspaces. They are also offering teachers free access to their Classroom Plan, to help further education during the pandemic. The plan allows teachers to create a one-of-a-kind classroom project, so that they can collaborate easier and more effectively with their students, in an environment that feels so much like the real classroom.

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