FlightHub and JustFly Discuss the Health Benefits of Travel

​Why do we travel? It’s a huge question, and one with a lot of answers. We travel to see new things, to experience new cultures, to taste new foods. We travel to break up our routines, to reset our minds, to develop and deepen our relationships with our travel companions. The takeaway here is that leisure travel is always for the traveler’s benefit, in one way or another. The traveler’s health is a beneficial element of travel that might be underrated. Here, FlightHub and JustFly discuss four core travel health benefits to consider before choosing one’s next destination.

Stress relief: Modern life is stressful, and prolonged stress affects not only mental health, but physiological health too. No one needs reminding of that there are bills to pay, mouths to feed, bosses to impress, and big current events looming over it all, in case that wasn’t enough. Surely a vacation can’t eliminate all those concerns, can it? After all, once the trip is over, won’t the stress come flooding back? Studies have concluded that the stress relief provided by a trip extends far beyond one’s return. A vacation as short as four days can hold one’s stress levels low for a month and a half!

Fitness: There’s an enormous immobility problem in society. Office jobs have us stuck at desks all day long, and when it’s time to relax, we head for the couch, or straight to bed. Integrating movement into one’s day-to-day is a challenge, with some heading for treadmills on their lunch break. Vacations are an excellent way to get moving and may even encourage the traveler to keep moving once they’re home. Whether one’s destination is a bustling city or a tranquil beach, the traveler is often excited to see as much as possible. Unless one is happy to spend a week in a tour bus, the best way to do so is to wake up early and walk around for hours. When one realizes how engaging walking can be when there are interesting things to look at, one might just consider spending time exploring their own hometown.

Immune system boost: Back when human populations couldn’t travel the globe in a few hours, local communities would have immunities to local bacteria, and would be at a high risk of illness if exposed to a drastically new environment (or people from one). It might seem like a strange concept, but regular travel opens one’s life up to the possibility of new germs and bugs which end up strengthening the immune system! Obviously, one should not go around licking the sidewalk, but merely consider that being a citizen of the world includes the microscopic level too!

Sleep quality: And finally, something everyone is sure to care about. Good rest is the recipe for a better life, and travel comes to the rescue here too. Studies show that one will sleep better for as many as five weeks after a trip.

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Source: Flighthub