flexReceipts Announces Name Change to flexEngage to Reflect Commitment to Broader Industry Spectrum


flexReceipts does way more than just e-receipts. It is the perfect solution to increase revenue through continued engagement and retention of customers. 

Earlier this year, flexReceipts made a conscious decision to change its brand name to flexEngage, a name that encompasses its brand voice and reflects how its services stretch beyond just electronic receipts.

While the name flexReceipts aptly highlighted the company’s digital receipt solution, the ways in which e-receipts can be vital for modern businesses’ marketing efforts were not supported by the name.

Businesses, now more than ever, want to surpass their competition and increase retention to keep their customers at arm's length. flexEngage, an enterprise solution, is dedicated to helping retailers augment their sales by increasing customer retention rates and encouraging customers to buy again.

This is accomplished by personalizing every transactional touchpoint through electronic receipts. These e-receipts are unlike ordinary receipts, as they are tailored to inspire customers to make repeat purchases. 

Through flexEngage's solutions, the chance of converting customers post-sale is considerably enhanced.

flexEngage's digital receipts have tremendous engagement. On average, transactional communications are opened 70% of the time, with a click-through rate of 15%. Transactional messages are opened two to four times on average, further increasing the likelihood of engagement. 

flexEngage’s POS marketing strategies keep shoppers engaged throughout their purchase journey. Its dedicated products include: 

With flexEngage's data-driven retail services, retailers can maximize their revenues, encourage loyalty sign-ups, expand their customer base, drive traffic, and more. All of these insights are backed by customer-provided data that gives key intel into retailers' audiences.

About flexEngage: flexEngage was founded in 2014 in Orlando, Florida. As one of the leading e-receipt solutions, its products and services are aimed to help retailers increase their sales by developing a deep understanding of their customers to keep them engaged.

flexEngage’s digital receipts are created according to each customer’s buying behavior, which helps in targeting on an individual level, thus making it easier to attract and retain customers, and also improve the overall shopping experience. 

Over the years, flexEngage has supported many companies, including top brands such as, Under Armour, GNC, Aldo, Five Below, and Oakley. 

Contact: https://www.flexengage.com/company/?utm_source=Press-release-1#contact-1 

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