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FLEXIM is committed to a better world. "Even companies only have a future if there is a future," stated Jens Hilpert, the CEO of FLEXIM.

Building strong communities starts with focusing on how to care for both workers, families, and the environment. FLEXIM and its offices located around the world are committing themselves to help create more sustainable environments that will provide healthier and happier communities. The company is proud to announce its FLEXIM Cares Division that will support worthy projects such as education, research and environmental causes.

Jens Hilpert explained, "Sustainability has always been a concern of the heart for us, in many ways. Our process measuring instruments are sustainable and help customers to use resources efficiently. We are committed to a better world in our dealings with each other, with our customers, with our suppliers, with our colleagues and with our neighborhood. For a long time, we have been involved locally in social and ecological projects at various branch locations. Now our newly created department FLEXIM Cares provides the organizational framework for this commitment."

The company has adopted many ways to support these worthy projects. A percentage of all proceeds from the sales of the PermaLok and Variofix C mounting device is donated to worthy causes, helping to make the world a better place. For this commitment, a heart stands on the transducer mounting cover. In 2020, FLEXIM Cares supported the World Wide Fund for Nature Germany (WWF) with a donation of 10,000 €.

This donation was used by WWF to acquire a 13,600-hectare area (33,606 acres US) in Heidehof near Juterbog, which is 50km southwest of Berlin to help preserve undeveloped and unused land. This land will experience fostering efforts to help develop more natural wilderness as well as help to build the populations of rare and endangered species. These projects are designed to prevent the loss of forests that result from aggressive construction and agricultural use that can kill off natural plants and wildlife.

Focusing on growing and flourishing the native fauna in this environment will ensure that roaming elk, wolves, sea eagles and other wildlife will roam freely without the threat of agricultural or construction work damaging their natural areas. In this specific location, it is an important habitat for the wolf pack resident and rare species of nightjar and stag beetles.

In addition, biotopes range from open sand habitats and broom heaths to pioneer forests of birches, pines, and older sessile oak forests. As for humans, rebuilding the wilderness will improve the ecosystem by offering water retention, CO2 storage and climate change adaptation, as well as offering the enjoyment of nature.

FLEXIM Cares is committed to seeking community-based and global projects, while continuing to donate to worthy causes to build better communities and a better world.

Learn more at: https://www.flexim.com/us/news-exhibitions/news/flexim-cares

About FLEXIM: Founded in the 1990s in Berlin, FLEXIM is a flow measurement and metering products company with headquarters in global locations. They offer products and solutions for companies in the water, power, food, energy chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, semiconductor, and mining industries.


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