FLEXIM Introduces Enhancement of Automatic Flow Disturbance Correction for Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Flow Disturbance Correction

Adhering to straight-run requirements can be a challenge in the generally limited space of industrial process plants. Because of limited pipework, it's not always feasible to carry out optimal installation away from valves, bends and other inline workings that could lead to excess turbulence that's difficult to deal with. 

To obtain precise measurement under normal circumstances, clamp-on flow meters demand an inlet length of at least 10D. However, thanks to FLEXIM's brand new disturbance correction technology, accuracy is guaranteed even under less than ideal inflow conditions, reducing the necessary inlet length from 10D to a much more realistic and achievable 2D. 

A flexible and cost-effective solution for both planners and users.

FLEXIM's commitment to innovation means that installation can be carried out in even the most restricted spaces, with no downtime and no reduction in accuracy. 

As of the 1st of June 2022, the enhanced Disturbance Correction feature has been implemented on all relevant meters.

What does FLEXIM do?

In virtually every country around the world, FLEXIM's groundbreaking instruments are providing essential liquid, gas and steam measurement, control, data logging and alarm services to every single industry. 

From simple to complex industrial and municipal processes, FLEXIM's multi-function measurement and control systems provide relentlessly reliable instrumentation - even at temperatures up to 1100F.

FLEXIM designs and manufactures multiple types of non‑intrusive ultrasonic liquid/gas flowmeters. From the permanent FLUXUS (available in a wide range of models and configurations including Mass and Thermal Energy Measurement Systems), to the F601 portable, and now the FLUXUS H20 family of portable flow meters for municipal applications.

To find out more about FLEXIM's enhanced Flow Disturbance Correction, and how it makes measuring errors a thing of the past, take a look at our latest video and visit our website: 

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