flexEngage Curbside and Dynamic Order Tracking Solution Services Provide Better Checkout and Delivery Experiences

flexTracker and Curbside offer businesses an effective new way to engage with customers and improve the post-purchase user experience


flexEngage is a transactional communications agency that works with businesses to connect and engage with customers at key touchpoints throughout the checkout and delivery process. To meet the needs of today’s businesses, they’ve launched two unique products to support a better experience for both consumers and retailers: the flexTracker dynamic order tracking solution and Curbside & Queue Management, a streamlined system for improved pick-up management.

In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial that businesses utilize platforms that are both data-driven and designed with user experience in mind. flexTracker immerses customers from the moment they checkout with their purchase to the moment their order arrives, with personalized order tracking, delivery slips, and digital receipts.

Instead of using a third-party carrier for shipping information, businesses can take advantage of flexTracker’s branded-experience page to automatically track buyer behavior and facilitate better targeted post-purchase marketing. It’s more impactful marketing without more work, and a better way to engage with customers after purchase.

Complementing the launch of flexTracker is the new flexEngage retail curbside pick-up platform, optimized to streamline the entire curbside experience from start to finish. Curbside combines an intuitive pick-up process with a fully contactless payment and e-receipt platform—a differentiation that has already made it one of the leading curbside solutions.

With Curbside pick-up solutions from flexEngage, retailers get a single portal for facilitating pick-ups and managing their queue, with two-way communication capabilities for keeping in touch with customers and providing updates. Customers get their orders faster, and there’s never any confusion about what next steps to take. Meanwhile, retailers can access a Metrics dashboard for analytical information on performance, including average order wait times, satisfaction rates, and total number of curbside orders.

Both flexTracker and Curbside Communications help retailers achieve a proactive way to inform and engage with customers at just the right moment to boost the customer experience and encourage future purchases. The result is stronger relationships and more data-backed decisions—both of which are key to success during the ongoing crisis.

About flexEngage

flexEngage is an Orlando-based transactional marketing company that works with retailers to take the guesswork out of providing customers with the best possible experience. Through innovative solutions, flexEngage helps streamline all aspects of the post-purchase period, engaging with customers at various unique touchpoints with personalized content and recommendations that encourage future sales.

For more information, please visit www.flexengage.com.


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