FLEX College Prep Offers Immigrant Parents of College-Bound Students Free College Preparation Workshop Series

Workshops held at San Marino Crowell Library on Aug. 7 and Pasadena Central Library on Aug. 29.

Immigrant Families In America: Getting Into College

FLEX College Prep, a global college admissions consulting firm that helps thousands of students get into their dream colleges, is offering a free college preparation workshop series for immigrant parents of college-bound students. These workshops will be held at the San Marino Crowell Library on Aug. 7 at 7:00 p.m. and the Pasadena Central Library on Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m.

The Immigrant Families in America workshop series will give immigrant parents access to the information and resources they need to support their children as they compete in the U.S. college application process. Every week, trained admissions consultants will present a one-hour workshop on a different component of the application process, including college admissions, SAT and ACT test prep and extracurricular activities. The college preparation workshop series will help immigrant parents support their children in applying to and gaining acceptance into their dream schools.

"Years ago, I was the immigrant parent searching for resources to help my son get into a good school.  I would have given anything to have FLEX by my side.  I joined the company so I can help other immigrant parents get what they need to help their kids get into college," states Mr. Cheng, FLEX Pasadena Enrollment Manager.

Since FLEX College Prep assists domestic and international families, the company has dedicated teams of educators for English-speaking and ESL families. The workshop materials will be translated into Chinese, Korean and Spanish by FLEX counselors and instructors who are multilingual.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for immigrant parents to attend a free seminar and learn all about the college admissions process from those who know it best,” says Danny Byun, CEO of FLEX College Prep. “The workshops offer up-to-date insider information that aims to demystify the college application process, provide reliable information from a trusted source, and help parents prepare their children to develop a successful college application strategy.” 

Please click here to register for the workshop series, or contact Ms. Russell at 626.551.3200 or pasadena@flexcollegeprep.com.  For more information about the company and the Immigrant Families in America workshop series, visit FlexCollegePrep.com.

About FLEX College Prep

Founded in 2001 by Daniel Byun, FLEX College Prep is a global college admissions consulting firm that has helped thousands of students get into college. The company’s workshop series and patent-pending Info Bank approach produces results students and parents appreciate. For more information, visit FlexCollegePrep.com.

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Founded in 2001 by Daniel Byun, FLEX College Prep is a global college admissions consulting firm that helps students get into college. Since FLEX assists domestic & international families, it has dedicated teams for English-speaking & ESL families.

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