FLEETBridge Aiming to Optimize Businesses With Fleet Management Software

​FLEETBridge is committed to enhancing operational costs and improving safety standards for fleet companies through their fleet management software

The software, created by DataTrail, will help optimize businesses by managing, analyzing and improving their fleet operations.

FLEETBridge​ provides management solutions for commercial vehicle fleets due to its fleet tracking systems and software. Their GPS fleet tracking software can help with getting access to driver safety, time auditing, vehicle and equipment tracking and monitoring, analytics data, and after-hours usage. They also provide personnel and employee monitoring software to improve safety and communication. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, they are comfortable working with fleets of different sizes and all types of vehicles.

The fleet management software is designed to be simple to navigate and use due to its engaging interface. With its interactive and informative design, operators can know about their on-their-road fleet and communicate more effectively with personnel. 

The fleet management software collects immense amounts of data from the fleet, organizes it, before providing it in a user-friendly interface. The program allows operations to manage maintenance schedules, monitor vehicle usage, keep track of productivity, and how it affects the business’ bottom line.

Furthermore, the software aims to improve safety and security for drivers. Driving scores enable safer drivers, with speed tracking and crash reports, ensuring that drivers are complying with the road rules. Operations will be able to handle emergencies immediately, thanks to the real-time updates and job tracking. With hour-tracking, operators can also better support drivers with updates on how long they have been driving, letting them know when it’s time to take a break.

Overall, FLEETBridge​'s fleet management software aims to improve performance, increase safety standards for drivers, and save on operational costs. 

Source: FLEETBridge

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At FLEETBridge, we provide management solutions for your fleet of vehicles. Trust our fleet management software to help your operations and business.

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