Fleet Management Giant Fleeting Into New Decade With New Website

FLEETbridge is now happy to showcase its new live website

The new site aims to effectively communicate to their clients about their fleet tracking systems, provide a better “feel” for users and have it optimized for specific industries. 

FLEETbridge provides management solutions for commercial vehicle fleets due to its fleet tracking systems and software. Their GPS fleet tracking software can help with getting access to driver safety, time auditing, vehicle and equipment tracking and monitoring, analytics data, and after-hours usage. They also provide personnel and employee monitoring software to improve safety and communication. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, they are comfortable working with fleets of different sizes and all types of vehicles.

In order to better engage its clients and establish itself as a market force, FLEETbridge knew that a new website was paramount to its success. 

To begin with, the site is more visually engaging and fluent than its older version. There is a focus on images and visuals to portray their products better, making it easier for users to grasp how their products can help their industries. 

The design has a focus on being professional and interactive. Everything is carefully placed to provide an uninterrupted flow of information and ensure that clients can smoothly go through the site without complications. The professionalism that comes with the new design helps elevate their status and highlights their modern edge. 

All content on the site was rewritten with a focus on being educational and concise. The tone is professional yet unintrusive. The message conveys the point of the new site: to engage clients and provide them with information on their products. 

Furthermore, the speed of the site has improved, ensuring that clients can take action on the site as opposed to wasting time searching for what they need or wait for pages to load. The new website is also mobile-friendly and has a responsive layout that works perfectly across all devices. 

The new website aims to bring FLEETbridge into the new decade with rigor, power and to establish itself as a provider of fleet tracking products. 

Source: FLEETbridge

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