Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. and FleetIT, LLC Partner to Bring Business Decision-Making Tools for Fleet Owners in the United States

FleetIT & FCA press release

FleetIT LLC, a provider of toll and violation management services, and Fleet Consulting Association, Inc. (FCA), a provider of decision-making intelligence and technology for the fleet and car rental industries, announced a partnership on Aug. 1 to provide fleet owners with one bill toll & violation management as well as business decision-making tools.

The partnership integrates FleetIT's toll & violation management software with FCA's Fleet Valuation System. The collaboration gives fleet owners nationwide electronic toll coverage & violation processing with on-demand access to toll & violation data, along with the tools to ascertain the types of vehicles that would be most profitable in the operator's markets, as well as the best times to sell vehicles.

The system uses market intelligence, current pricing, and utilization data combined with current resale market data from JD Power and Manheim to optimize fleet mix for both rental and sales. Car rental operators can also determine the best time to move a vehicle from the rental fleet to sales, enabling them to maximize the revenue from both sides of the car's lifespan, according to the release.

"Fleet owners can now experience the protection of FleetIT's toll & violation management while simultaneously accessing relevant fleet valuation critical to planning and achieving strong profit margins in real-time," said Roger Zakharia, CEO of Fleet Consulting Association, Inc., in a statement.

Source: FleetIT

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Fleetit is a cost-effective way to manage toll-by-plate invoices and toll violations; we service fleets of all sizes, including car/truck rental, trailer/equipment rental, as well as fleet & leasing management companies

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