FiveADRIFT Is Ending Plastic Pollution - One Luxurious Beach Towel at a Time


FiveADRIFT has announced the launch of their sustainably crafted towels. The company is on a mission to remove ocean plastic and end consumption of single-use plastic - one towel at a time. FiveADRIFT's luxurious, fast-drying, and lightweight beach towels are made from all-natural hemp and cotton fibers with 100% of profits going to the removal of plastic from the ocean; about 75 plastic bottles are removed from the ocean for each purchase. The beach towels are now available for purchase via their website and newsletter subscribers get access to an exclusive discount.

More Than a Towel: The FiveADRIFT Mission

FiveADRIFT believes that every decision and purchase impacts the world, ourselves, and future generations. FiveADRIFT is built on this foundation of values and transparency that guide everything from the growth of our fabrics to the happiness of our customers.

The company chose a towel as their first product as they wanted to create a sustainable alternative to an essential item that humans use daily; one that can last through the best adventures. 

FiveADRIFT is perfect for those with an adventurous, travel-loving, beach-going, and eco-conscious lifestyle. The towels are sand resistant, super absorbent, faster drying than a cotton terry towel, easy to hang with a loop for outside drying, and softer and more absorbent with every wash. Their flagship product is a combination of form and function that comes in four fun designs.

Inspired By the Planet

FiveADRIFT was founded by husband and wife, Harry Schechter and Michelle Keefe. After two decades and three kids, the Schechter family went on a family sabbatical where they witnessed the majesty and beauty of the planet.

Harry, Co-Founder of FiveADRIFT, mentioned that "After months of enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we knew we had to work harder to preserve our precious earth for future generations. So ... we put our entrepreneurial and environmental backgrounds to work."

Only the Beginning

With 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic floating in five massive gyres and trillions more pounds sitting on the bottom of the sea, plastics threaten ocean health, food safety, human health, coastal tourism, and contribute to climate change. FiveADRIFT is dedicated to making a continuous positive environmental impact through their products.

Harry shares that "FiveADRIFT's ultimate goal is to turn off the tap of single-use plastics flowing into the ocean. By making beautiful products using natural materials as much as possible, we are reshaping the world's supply chains to eliminate single-use plastics."

Feature Highlights

  • All-natural organic cotton/hemp blend is super soft
  • Full length: 165cm x 91.5cm / 65 x 36 inches
  • Sand resistant & super absorbent
  • Dries faster than a cotton terry towel
  • Hanging loop for outside drying
  • Gets softer and more absorbent with every wash
  • Made and Loomed in Turkey

For more information, go to and see the press kit for assets.

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