"Fitted Table Top Dropcloth": A Line of Specially Designed Table Coverings Adorned With Form-Fitting Elastic

The "Fitted Table Top Dropcloth" is perfect for all users because it fits perfectly.

​Enthusiastic diners often rue the day they decided to prepare their dinner table in the outdoors or on a screened in patio or porch where the wind blows unexpectedly. However, if utilizing the Fitted Table Top Dropcloth the winds whipping the tablecloth away—along with plates, condiments and food will never happen. The Fitted Table Top Dropcloth is a line of specially designed table coverings adorned with form-fitting elastic around the outer corners or perimeter and serve to secure the unit to the table. The design intent is to provide both indoor and outdoor dining enthusiasts with a tablecloth that will “hug” the surface and stay put whether a child tugs at it or should the wind gusts be strong, all without the hassles inherent with loose material common to standard tablecloths.
The Fitted Table Top Dropcloth, fabricated of a durable vinyl material, is similar to standard outdoor coverings. The unit is inexpensive and easy to clean and best of all can withstand multiple uses. It comes in various sizes. It can even accommodate large tables such as picnic tables and banquet tables. Folding tables carries in the back of the vehicle are often shaped differently than standard tables yet, the Fitted Table Top Dropcloth will cover them tightly as well.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in.
The Patent Pending Fitted Table Top Dropcloth was invented by Debra Jones Stevenson of Trenton, NJ who said, “This is a product that is not only convenient but it eliminates the need to hold down the cloth with one or both hands while trying to eat. Food remains firmly secured to the table when this unit is in place and it avoids wasted food, messy cleanups and ruined clothing that often results from a wind gust that sends food flying off the table and into one’s lap. It works.”

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