FITLIGHT Partners With Carrick Institute on Human Performance Program

Top Light Reaction Training provider plays a highlighted role in optimizing human performance and physical performance optimization within the clinical curriculum.

FITLIGHT®, a Light Reaction Training and Reflex Training System, partnered with Carrick Institute for the inaugural Human Performance Program curriculum, as a modern solution to movement kinematics and physical responsiveness. This solution is a part of the full curriculum, which includes some of the following learning objectives:

  • Learn to screen, assess and train neurological function for enhanced movement performance

  • Apply the most current scientific knowledge to develop the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems

  • Recognize the governing neurological principles that influence motor control in sports performance and optimization

The Carrick Institute developed this program to increase Strength and Conditioning performance for the athletic and fitness industry as a whole. With a full list of learning objectives in place for reaction training and athletic performance, this event included 150+ hours of learning experiences, networking with professionals in the physical fitness industry and takeaways that will transform the health industry.

"The Carrick Institute Human Performance program aims to create the top 1% coaches in the world for athletic development. FITLIGHT® and its technology was an integral part of the education delivered to create that level of excellence. Coaches were taught how to use FITLIGHT® as a way to enhance the reaction to visual cues, improve reaction time, agility and more. We are thankful that FITLIGHT® is so forward-thinking in their tools and envision working with them for a long time to come.” -Dr. Freddy Garcia, DC, MS, FACFN, DACNB

This year FITLIGHT® will be participating in Carrick Institute’s annual conference, the International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience (ISCN). The ISCN gathers the leading physicians and researchers in the field, to share their work and understandings of pivotal concepts in clinical neuroscience, to further assist in various patient populations. ISCN has become recognized throughout the world as a premier clinical, educational program that assists professionals to serve their clients with applications that are current, distinct and meaningful. This year’s speakers include Dr. Adam Klotzek, Dr. Aasef Shaikh, Dr. Ted Carrick, Dr. David Clark, Dr. Joe Clark and several more industry-leading doctors.

ISCN is being held May 24-26 in Orlando, Florida at the Marriott World Center Resort. FITLIGHT® is a proud sponsor of the event, providing more information on both the technology and the benefits that their patented light reaction training adds to both improving human performance and cognitive health.


FITLIGHT® is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and serves customers worldwide. FITLIGHT® specializes in designing and creating equipment and technology applicable in a variety of industries that facilitate a dynamic and interactive training environment, that amplifies all types of training methods. FITLIGHT® offers interactive, adaptable and measurable training solutions, improving the relationship between the brain and body for people of all ages and physical abilities.

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About Carrick Institute:

Carrick Institute is a world-leader in postgraduate education in the field of clinical neuroscience. Providing scholars with the most contemporary science and cutting-edge tools, the Carrick Institute’s mission is to help medical professionals serve their patients at the highest levels.

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