First-of-Its-Kind Smart Fall Detection Technology Offers Older Adults a Smarter Way to Age in Place

FallCall Detect designed for Apple Watch aims to reduce false ambulance activations through 24/7 central monitoring and the ability to distinguish between high-impact and low-impact falls

FallCall Detect

FallCall Solutions announced it will release FallCall Detect, patented technology that combines the power of smart fall detection with a comprehensive personal emergency response system (PERS). The technology will be showcased at CES 2021 in the AARP Innovation Labs booth from January 11-14.

Not every fall requires medical help, yet standard fall detection systems often trigger emergency alerts whenever a fall is detected. FallCall Detect's breakthrough technology distinguishes between falls with greater force that are more likely to cause injury and falls that occur from a sitting position. If a high-impact fall is detected, FallCall's U.S.-based medical monitoring service is automatically contacted* and will send emergency services if needed. If a low-impact fall is detected, only a user's pre-designated support community is contacted.

Available as an Apple Watch app, FallCall Detect allows Elders greater freedom and confidence to live independent, active lifestyles knowing they will receive immediate help if they experience a fall. They can also rest easy knowing there is reduced chance of setting off unnecessary emergency service activations.

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatality for older adults, with one dying from a fall every 19 minutes. FallCall Solutions, which was founded by physicians specializing in trauma care who have treated thousands of fall victims, is out to radically reduce that number. The company aims to leverage the increasing adoption of smart technology by Elders to encourage greater use of medical alert services.

"Several older adults I've treated for falls owned a medical alert device but didn't use it. They said it was too bulky, stigmatizing or inconvenient, and they've experienced embarrassing false alarms," says FallCall Solutions co-founder Dr. Shea Gregg. "By offering simple, safe and smart technology combined with PERS capabilities on an Apple Watch they already wear, we believe we will have much greater adoption, daily usage and earlier treatment of fall injuries."

FallCall Detect connects to FallCall Solution's platform-agnostic emergency assistant app that provides a user's support community with fall alerts, location, heart rate and battery updates, and pairs with FallCall's affordable medical monitoring service. Once activated, users receive non-invasive, on-demand fall detection with 1-tap emergency response activation and deactivation, as well as the option to use voice commands on Apple Watch, iPhone or HomePod.

"Differentiated smart fall detection is only the beginning for FallCall Solutions," says Dr. Gregg. "AI-based personalized fall detection, fall motion learning in the cloud and nighttime fall prediction risk will all be coming to our platform in the near future. In time, FallCall Detect will revolutionize fall detection for those we care most about."

To access FallCall Detect, current FallCall Lite users and those who sign up on will receive an exclusive invitation to download FallCall Detect Beta and install it on their Apple Watch.

About FallCall Solutions:

FallCall Solutions was created by physicians with experience treating thousands of patients who sustained injuries due to falls. Even though some of their patients had traditional personal emergency response devices, many didn't use them. Combining their medical knowledge with advanced technology that is smart, simple and safe, they are dedicated to creating innovative and convenient safety solutions that empower Elders to live independent, active lifestyles.

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*Optional 24/7 central monitoring subscription required.

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Source: FallCall Solutions