Wisconsin Now Reimburses Residents for FallCall Medical Alert App

New Department of Health Services (DHS) program helps older adults age in place with FallCall’s lower-cost, smartphone solution.

FallCall Solutions, an innovator in app-based medical alert technology, announced today that its 24/7 emergency monitoring subscription and pendant accessories will be reimbursed through the Wisconsin Independent Living Support Pilot (ILSP), a new program offered by Wisconsin DHS. The program aims to reduce costs to the healthcare system while providing the highest quality concierge emergency response service to an increasingly tech-savvy older adult population who prefer app-based monitoring subscriptions over traditional medical alert services. This exclusive benefit will be offered to Wisconsin residents enrolled in the ILSP who download FallCall Detect or FallCall Lite onto their Apple Watch©, iPhone© or Android© device. 

“It is time that the personal emergency response industry considers ways to reduce costs to the healthcare system as a whole,” says Dr. Shea Gregg, a practicing trauma surgeon and president and founder of FallCall Solutions. “As a downloadable app, FallCall harnesses the communication reliability of mobile phones by integrating the same high-quality emergency monitoring services and pendants used by other traditional medical alert companies. The difference is that our service is nearly half the cost of traditional medical alert subscriptions. Through our partnership with the ILSP, we are able to offer our comprehensive safety solution to Wisconsin users fully reimbursed while saving the program money. This will ultimately allow participants to access other important aging-in-place services.” 

Interested Wisconsin residents are encouraged to confirm their participation in the Independent Living Support Pilot. Upon confirmation, participants can go to www.fallcall.com to submit a reimbursement request for a 6- or 12-month emergency monitoring subscription with or without a FallCall Pendant with built-in fall detection (those without a pendant use their Apple Watch or smartphone for smart fall detection). FallCall will handle all paperwork and will deliver the FallCall Pendant directly to the user with instructions on how to set up the FallCall app and connect the pendant directly to the user’s smartphone.

“With so many of our older residents owning mobile phones, the accessories, services and price tag offered by FallCall makes sense,” says Kelsey Suchomel, ILSP care coordinator. “By offering reasonably priced, high-quality services to our clients, they can take advantage of more opportunities offered through the program.”

“Unfortunately, every year one in four older adults over the age of 65 falls,” says Dr. Gregg, “The ability to get help in an emergency should be accessible to all and the ILSP and FallCall are committed to making this a reality.” 

FallCall Detect and FallCall Lite can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store©. FallCall Lite can be downloaded from Google Play©. Both apps work with or without the FallCall Pendant. 

About FallCall Solutions

FallCall Solutions was established in 2015 and is a leading innovator in wearable/mobile safety solutions in the United States and Australia. With a goal of making safety accessible for all, FallCall creates automated and affordable medical alert applications that empower older adults to live independent, active lifestyles. FallCall Solutions is an AARP AgeTech Collaborative portfolio startup. For more information, visit www.fallcall.com

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Source: FallCall Solutions, LLC