First Cloud Protection Solution to Offer Instant Recovery

California Bankers Association Uses QuorumLabs Cloud Solution to Combine Onsite High Availability with Instant Cloud-Based Recovery

FREMONT, CA, - QuorumLabs today announced its Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery solution, the only disaster recovery solution that provides both onsite high availability of key applications and data, plus instant recovery of applications and data from a SAS-70 Type II certified data center maintained by QuorumLabs. Unlike a typical backup-only cloud storage solution, the onQ Hybrid Cloud runs servers locally or through the cloud and recovery is done with a single click of a button. Recovery time is measured in minutes not days since there is no need to ship new hardware or to transfer data to restore applications.

The QuorumLabs Hybrid Cloud Solution adds to the company's award-winning onQ™ High Availability (HA) appliance solution, part of the onQ Site Recovery System that has quickly grown to protect thousands of servers worldwide.

The QuorumLabs' Hybrid Cloud solution gives customers the flexibility of combining a local HA appliance with a monthly or annual fixed fee for cloud recovery. Customer can back up to an onsite onQ HA appliance for immediate high availability and instant recovery, while adding on a cloud-based service for disaster recovery should a customer not have an offsite remote location or simply want to eliminate the hassle and expensive upfront investments. The charge for this service is per server protected, not per gigabyte.

California Bankers Association (Sacramento, CA) looked at several backup and recovery solutions, but found that in order to obtain the multi-functionality they needed, multiple vendors were required. "To get high availability, automated backup and disaster recovery, we would have to sign up several different providers, which is very expensive," said Randy Mateo, IT manager, CBA. "With the QuorumLabs Hybrid Cloud solution, we get an onsite appliance for high availability, plus instant recovery via the cloud. We like that QuorumLabs operates the DR site, since it minimizes management of a DR site for us and is much more cost-effective than if we had to maintain it ourselves."

Small and mid-sized companies find this unique hybrid cloud solution particularly attractive since it allows them to easily grow in a cost-efficient way without having to invest in additional hardware, IT staff or office space, resulting in a predictable cost model while minimizing business risk.

"QuorumLabs' hybrid cloud solution blends onsite high availability with remote DR capabilities, so customers can instantly recover data and applications at any time and from anywhere, within minutes of a disaster," said Gene Loye, vice president of Innovation Network Technologies Corp (InNet).

Instant Recovery

Unlike other solutions, onQ is the only hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution offering instant recovery. The onQ solution maintains up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of critical systems that can run right on the appliance, or in the cloud, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes. onQ builds new recovery nodes continuously and can perform incremental backups in as little as 15 minute windows. The Hybrid Cloud solution also allows customers to easily test systems at anytime, and even allows scheduled, daily automatic testing to definitively prove that systems will work should a disaster occur.

Data and Applications are Secure

QuorumLabs maintains a world-class, secure data center that is SAS-70 Type II certified, and built to ensure the highest performance, safest and most stable environment possible. Critical applications are ready-to-run (or test) at a moment's notice. All data transferred from the High Availability (HA) appliance to the Disaster Recovery (DR) cloud solution goes through a 128 bit AES encrypted session behind a 256bit AES VPN tunnel that is connected directly from the HA appliance to the DR Cloud solution. There is a dedicated virtual firewall isolating each individual custom virtual network. All connections to the DR appliance or the DR recovery nodes are via VPN to that firewall.

About QuorumLabs
QuorumLabs develops innovative technologies and products that provide high availability and instant recovery of critical business systems for small to mid-sized companies. Easily deployed within an hour, QuorumLabs' turnkey solutions allow businesses to routinely and automatically test their recovery plan and recover failed systems with a single click. Located in Fremont, California, QuorumLabs was spun out of Themis Computer in 2008. More information can be found at

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