FIR+ 20-In-1 Smart Cooking System for Healthier Cuisine Announces Kickstarter Launch

Today, a respected team of kitchen tool and cooking experts announced the launch of a revolutionary new cooking system for perfect cuisine and healthier cooking. The FIR+ 20-In-1 Smart Cooking System provides Michelin-level cuisine at the touch of a button. This 20-In-1 Smart Cooker, powered by Far Infrared Ray Technology, helps anyone cook faster, easier and healthier. This exciting new kitchen tool is available now:

Busy people need a way to cook healthier foods fast and conveniently. Thanks to innovative new products such as the FIR+ Smart Cooking System, Michelin-quality dishes are just a click away. FIR+ is a do-it-all cooking system that does the job of many other pans and preparation methods including Air Fryer + Sous Vide + Non-stick Pan + Regimen Soup Pod + Sauce & Stew Pan + Jam Pod + Defrosting Tray + Waffle Maker. FIR+ is powered by Far Infrared Ray Technology with patented Core Tech for faster, easier and healthier cooking. It achieves perfectly prepared dishes every time with precise temperature adjustment from 70~500℃, incrementally by 10℃ to match all cooking styles including meats, vegetables, fish, fried foods and more.

"Today, people are busier than ever, which makes it hard to prepare healthy meals and eat right. The FIR+ cooking system makes it easy. It lets users prepare perfect meals easily, every time, and has advanced cooking modes that retain flavor, lock in nutrients and cook quickly for healthy meals at the touch of a button. It's a revolutionary way to cook that is faster and healthier. FIR+ uses Far Infrared Ray Technology, precise temp control, and an informative LED screen so meals always come out right. It eliminates the need to cook with oil, reduces calories, and is simple and convenient. Now, anyone can cook better, save time and live healthier," said Fir+ CEO Leo Lee.

Healthy cooking with FIR+ is easier than ever with a 120°C Low-Temp Frying Mode. It allows food to cook perfectly at lower temperatures and without oil. This keeps flavor and nutrients locked in and eliminates messy and unhealthy oils for a better, healthier lifestyle. It also features a large easy-to-read LED display on the handle and its die-cast aluminum and durable high-temp resistant pan and lid holds and distributes heat even across a non-stick cooking surface.

The revolutionary FIR+ 20-In-1 Smart Cooker is available now, with special deals and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:

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