Finker Frenkel Legacy Foundation Provides Major Gift to the University of Miami for Promenade and Endowed Fund

The University of Miami Business Plan Competition encourages entrepreneurship among students attending the university.

The foundation’s gift financed renovations to the outdoor promenade and creates an endowed fund for the university’s business plan competition.

The Finker Frenkel Legacy Foundation is pleased to announce that in November 2017, the foundation provided a major gift to the University of Miami. The gift financed renovations for the university’s outdoor promenade, which was named in honor of the foundation on Nov. 14. The promenade serves as an outdoor study and gathering space that offers an oversized screen, patio furniture, tables and chairs. The screen will carry live feeds from Storer Auditorium and is one of the largest outdoor screens at a school in the U.S.

“With our strong focus on educational initiatives, the partnership with the University of Miami was the perfect fit for our funding,” says Dr. Finker, philanthropist and director of the Finker Frenkel Legacy Foundation. “The renovations to the promenade now offer a great outdoor space for students and a spillover area for the auditorium. People can now sit outside and still watch what’s happening without missing anything.”

The Finker Frenkel Legacy Foundation’s gift also established the University of Miami’s Business Plan Competition Endowed Fund, which helps to finance the competition now in its 16th year. The competition is open to all University of Miami undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni that meet the prerequisites.

The foundation’s endowed fund gift was announced during the promenade dedication. Family members who established the foundation as well as university officials and business school students, faculty and staff were in attendance.

“The competition helps to foster a sense of entrepreneurship coupled with strong business practices. It helps students and alumni to launch or grow startup ventures, and we are pleased to support this initiative,” adds Dr. Finker.

The Finker Frenkel Legacy Foundation aims to connect like-minded philanthropists to support initiatives that impact the lives of others in the areas of medical research, education, religious development, and children’s welfare. For more information about the foundation and its work, visit

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