FINDINGS Offer a New Innovative, Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective ESG and Sustainability Reporting & Performance Tool

FINDINGS, the supply chain risk assessment automation company, announced today the launch of an innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective ESG assessment, reporting, and performance solution.

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This new solution enables companies to benchmark the sustainability performance of their products, services, and business operations against key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics within their respective industries. The platform also enables companies to measure their performance against competitors and report their ESG posture to their stakeholders.

The focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data and metrics is increasing across industries worldwide. Whether they are public or private, all companies are under increasing pressure from investors and society, in general, to commit to ESG.

FINDINGS, already a state-of-the-art risk assessment platform readily supports tailor-made ESG reporting and performance and has been adopted by innovative companies and forward-thinking organizations.

"Making our world better and helping to improve our society is part of our vision as a company," said Kobi Freedman, Founder and CEO of Findings. "We observed the rapidly growing demand of our customers to adopt ESG practices in our platform and think it is an enormous opportunity which perfectly aligns with our values and the capabilities of our service."

The role of Supply Chain in ESG

Organizations that need to meet ESG goals must master Supply Chain Management and incorporate ESG into their supply chain strategy. ESG serves as a guideline for environmentally friendly, socially acceptable, and ethically right supply chain activities.

Global as well as local supply chains rely on labor outsourcing, and processes that might be environmentally unfriendly and even create significant pollution.  Traceability and transparency in a supplier's activity are essential to managing ESG-related risks. When businesses are developing a procurement strategy, they need to focus on ESG. Even mid-sized firms have potentially hundreds or thousands of suppliers. Each of these suppliers has many employees working at various locations across the globe. Naturally, each of these suppliers would also have their matching footprint. Due to globalization, an organization's ESG footprint could grow exponentially in size, reach, and complexity. With such an extensive footprint, it becomes difficult to monitor and almost impossible to avoid failure.

"ESG is no longer just a "nice-to-have" or optional practice only found in large organizations. It is a requirement for every business of any size. It can impact the ability of a business to engage with customers, it exposes them to regulatory risk, and can significantly limit their future funding opportunities, as even banks start to consider ESG as part of financial due diligence. Findings enable businesses of all sizes - both customers and vendors - to assess, manage and report their ESG posture easily," says Freedman.

Who is the Findings ESG solution for?

"Findings ESG is a cost-effective and scalable solution, fully customizable to the user's risk program", Said Ilan Lavan, Head of Business Development at Findings, "providing best practice and customized capabilities for Asset owners, Asset managers, Enterprises, Vendors and their supply chain alike."

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