Findings Create an Automated ESG Assessment Solution

Will enable companies to easily embrace ESG standards within their supply chain using a framework based on the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide

Findings, the supply chain automation company, announced today a collaboratively designed ESG solution for technology and software companies who want to align with the rapidly growing adoption of ESG requirements affecting businesses all over the world.

The 30 ESG questions that will be provided by Findings are derived from the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide and adapted in collaboration with Nasdaq's OneReport team that specializes in ESG disclosures. The aim is to help public and private companies to adopt ESG standards within their business ecosystem as well as report their sustainability performance to their stakeholders.

Findings, a state-of-the-art risk assessment platform readily supports tailor-made ESG reporting and performance and has been adopted by innovative companies and forward-thinking organizations.

"ESG is rapidly becoming a must-have requirement in every company's tool-set," said Kobi Freedman, Founder and CEO of Findings. "We saw that technology companies, from startups to listed ones are looking to adopt methodologies that will improve their social and environmental impact, but they may be lacking guidance and best-practices know-how that can help them achieve those goals. We are excited to release the ESG controls and questions from the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide that will help companies accelerate their roadmap to ESG embracement."

"The Findings platform is an exciting addition to the Nasdaq OneReport ecosystem enabling companies of all sizes to easily assess their supply chain," said Randall Hopkins, Head of Nasdaq OneReport. "We are pleased that enterprises will be able to use Findings to collect ESG data and in turn can leverage the broad ESG solutions from Nasdaq to maximize the strategic impact of managing and disclosing ESG data."

Who is the Findings ESG solution for?

Findings ESG is a cost-effective and scalable solution, fully customizable to the user's risk program, providing best practice and customized capabilities for all ESG stakeholders -  Asset owners, Asset managers, Enterprises, Vendors and their supply chain alike.

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Source: Findings