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Solutions to Beat Rising Healthcare Costs Efficiently

Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less

The Prince Synergy ( announces that TPS Dream & Power ( will focus on beating rising healthcare costs and offer free “Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less” for 3 days (7/26-7/28/2018).

When asked about the focus, Bin Yang, the 6Q Approach Inventor and Managing Director of The Prince Synergy, said, “The skyrocketing cost of healthcare has threatened almost every business, family, and individual. Big co-pays and deductions cannot save efficiently but backfire. The key is to minimize endless and expensive symptom relief, unnecessary emergency room (ER) visits, and utilize healthcare efficiently. Businesses and individuals can not only save years of healthcare costs but also improve productivity and healthcare quality. These only take 1/3-1/2 of their one-year healthcare cost to set up. Our success started at the clinic in 2004. It is time to look at the big picture and think differently!”

Studies found about 70 percent of primary clinical visits are stress-related (emerge or worsen under stress), for example, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, burnout, diabetes and obesity. The leading cause of stress is the lack of the right tool(s) to meet challenges, relax and restore self. The key to minimize the 70 percent visits is to find the missing tool(s) besides relieving symptoms. Otherwise, businesses and individuals need to pay endless and expensive symptom relieves, including ER visits, because hospitals are not set to find the missing tools. You can find 3 case studies in this video.

In addition to unnecessary ER visits, many chronic illnesses, disabilities, and deaths can be avoided if individuals can learn how to utilize the healthcare system and recognize unethical and poor doctors efficiently. How Ms. Yang recovered her mother and herself are two good examples.

TPS Dream & Power provides what is missing in traditional approaches: healthcare cannot handle non-health causes, many people treat healthcare as hospital care, and traditional IQ, EQ and behavior tools alone have limited power over non-IQ and non-EQ issues and cannot avoid stress-related health issues (SRHI) efficiently. TPS Dream & Power empower leaders, managers, and elites based on the mistakes found at the clinics and businesses as well as efficient ways to meet challenges, stay healthy and bring the best performance.

Find Your Missing Tools, See Doctors Less” is one diagnostic program helping individuals with SRHI find the missing tools to meet their current challenges. Individuals often get well quickly with minimum re-occurrence and require no or fewer follow-up clinical visits and associated drug, treatments, time and money. TPS Dream & Power also helps clients build smart systems, anticipate development needs, especially health needs, and get ready quickly for their upcoming challenges. TPS Dream & Power loves feedback and new ideas and will continue challenging status quo and perfecting its services.

About The Prince Synergy:

The Prince Synergy ( is a leading consulting firm who focus on-building exceptional leaders to strengthen society (TPS Executive Academy) and shooting performance and rising healthcare costs with one stone (TPS Dream & Power). For more information or to schedule an interview, lecture or appointment, please contact Judith Sullivan at 310-668-1828.

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The Prince Synergy ( is a leading consulting firm, focusing on building exceptional leaders to strengthen society and shooting performance and rising healthcare costs with one stone. Media contact: Judith at 310-668-1828

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