Filmmaker Sonia Bajaj Directs Short Films in Georgia

Bajaj is also set to direct upcoming feature film titled Black Rose

With everything from serial dating to zombie surprises, Los Angeles-based director, Sonia Bajaj, has something for everybody in her five fantastic short films. Having shot around the world, Bajaj took her stories to Atlanta, Georgia, and in association with Craig Miller Productions, brought her stories to life.

Created for festival releases in the coming months, her 20-person crew, 10-person cast, and many extras worked relentlessly to tell these incredible stories both produced and directed by Sonia Bajaj. Following social distancing practices due to the ongoing pandemic, the team had to virtually coordinate and collaborate safely to finish post-production for these five short films.

Bajaj speaks on her directing experience and working with Craig Miller Productions: "All the shorts are very different from each other, so it was a lot more fun to jump between varied genres - 'A Ride To Heaven' being a serious drama to 'The Perfect Date', which is a romantic comedy, to a monster movie, 'Alone', to 'Remember This', which is a PSA. This was possible only because of my extremely talented and hardworking cast and crew. There was a lot of passion and great energy on our set, and it was my first time filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Our films have already begun to win accolades, and once more film festivals open up post-COVID-19, we will have a lot more festivals to compete in. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to our upcoming project with Craig Miller Productions in the state of Georgia, which is a full-length feature film titled 'Black Rose'. Apart from that, I'm also looking forward to collaborating with The Storyline Group with some interesting projects in the pipeline."

Source: Craig Miller Productions


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