FileWave Unveils Innovative Partner Program Through Channext to Bolster Global Engagement

FileWave, a pioneer in multi-platform endpoint management, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated Partner Program, implemented through the cutting-edge Channext platform. This initiative, effective March 2024, marks a significant milestone in FileWave's commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with its global partners. 

FileWave’s Partner Program was designed to elevate partner engagement and reinforce existing global partnerships. By leveraging the advanced functionalities of Channext, FileWave aims to streamline collaboration processes, enhance communication channels, and empower partners to deliver unparalleled value to their customers worldwide. 

"We recognize the invaluable role that our partners play in driving innovation and delivering exceptional solutions to our customers," said Willem Boom, Global Head of Sales at FileWave. "With the relaunch of our Partner Program, we are excited to embark on a journey of deeper collaboration, heightened engagement, and reciprocal success with our esteemed partners." 

The FileWave Partner Program boasts an impressive global lineup of inaugural participants, including prominent organizations such as Howard, ICOS, QBS, HESS, TD Synnex, Choice Partners, ByteSpeed and Lenovo. These esteemed partners signify the diverse range of industries and sectors that FileWave serves, supporting the program's universal appeal and worldwide reach. 

Through the Partner Program, members gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, including sales and marketing tools, training modules, technical support, and exclusive incentives. By equipping partners with the necessary tools and expertise, FileWave aims to empower them to accelerate growth, drive customer satisfaction, and seize new business opportunities in the rapidly evolving endpoint management industry.  

With the Partner Program now in full swing, FileWave looks forward to forging stronger bonds with its partners, fostering a culture of teamwork and excellence, and driving joint success in the dynamic realm of endpoint management. 

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About FileWave 

FileWave is a leading provider of multi-platform endpoint management solutions. With a focus on streamlining IT operations, FileWave enables organizations to manage and secure their digital workspaces efficiently. Their comprehensive features, including software deployment, patch management, and real-time asset tracking, empower businesses to optimize productivity and enhance their overall IT infrastructure. 

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