FileWave Releases Version 15.3.1

Elevating Endpoint Management With Advanced Features and Next-Generation Kiosk

FileWave, a pioneering provider of endpoint management solutions, announced the release of FileWave 15.3.1 on April 11, 2024. FileWave 15.3.1 introduces many innovative updates and improvements to support organizations in efficiently managing their diverse digital ecosystems. 

At the heart of this release is the Next-Generation Kiosk, designed to offer a seamless application management experience across iPadOS, macOS, and Windows devices. This fully reimagined Kiosk interface delivers a sleek and intuitive user experience, ensuring effortless deployment and management of applications. 

Additionally, FileWave 15.3.1 brings expanded support for ChromeOS devices, providing administrators with new commands such as rebooting, user wiping, and Powerwashing. These enhancements increase the manageability and security of ChromeOS deployments, enabling organizations to optimize productivity while maintaining stringent security protocols. 

Responding to user feedback, FileWave also introduces Dark Mode for FileWave Central in v15.3.1, offering users a visually comfortable interface for prolonged usage sessions. 

Furthermore, FileWave 15.3.1 introduces support for Apple's Declarative Device Management (DDM), improvements to Booster technology that delivers significant performance gains, and optimizing synchronization with Google Admin Console, offering configurable sync timing for enhanced flexibility. 

"FileWave remains committed to delivering innovative endpoint management solutions that simplify IT operations and drive efficiency," said Tony Keller, Vice President of Product & Reliability at FileWave. "With version 15.3.1, we are thrilled to introduce updated user interfaces and breaking changes that are not just wow but are also meaningful on a day-to-day basis." 

For more information on FileWave 15.3.1 and upcoming decommissions, please visit the FileWave Knowledge Base.  

About FileWave 

FileWave is a leading provider of multi-platform endpoint management solutions. With a focus on streamlining IT operations, FileWave enables organizations to manage and secure their digital workspaces efficiently. Their comprehensive features, including software deployment, patch management, and real-time asset tracking, empower businesses to optimize productivity and enhance their overall IT infrastructure. 

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