Fidelity Communications Upgrades Internet Services in Hardy, AR; 250 Mbps Coming Soon

New Faster Speed Launches December 1

Due to subscriber growth in Hardy far beyond expectations, Fidelity Communications has completed major improvements to its internet service that took effect October 26, the company announced.

The improvements will result in more robust and consistent services, plus the addition of 250 Megabits per second (Mbps) Internet effective Dec. 1.

"As a result, you can expect superior service, improved reliability and more options from Fidelity Communications in your home."

Paul Winkeler, Broadband Product Manager

Broadband Product Manager Paul Winkeler said network upgrades were needed to keep up with rapid growth and demand for more bandwidth.

“This project involved adding a new building, new equipment and rebuilding our plant,” Winkeler said. “As a result, you can expect superior service, improved reliability and more options from Fidelity Communications in your home.”

At 250 Mbps, download speeds are double the previous top high speed internet offering of 125 Mbps. For customers seeking better upload speeds, the new package offers 10 Mbps upload speed—perfect for gamers or people sending and receiving large data files. 

One of Fidelity’s most popular package, 75 Mbps, is best used for 5-8 devices online, video streaming, frequent gaming and higher Internet usage. 

The 125 Mbps package supports 8 or more devices, heavy video streaming, high-end gaming, frequent Internet usage and bandwidth-hungry applications. The 250 Mbps package doubles those capabilities, providing even more speed and bandwidth for optimum performance. 

“Fidelity Communications truly appreciates your patience during this upgrade process and we hope you are as excited as we are about these improvements,” Winkeler said.  “Thank you again for choosing Fidelity Communications as your local cable, internet, and phone provider.  We value your loyalty to our company, and look forward to continuing growth in your community.

Source: Fidelity Communications


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